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What about the 2023 phone? Lin Bai came straight over to copy the assignment

2023-02-28 04:20:20

● E4 straight screen display quality and game control have a good level, the same model of previous generations of flagships ● can be used, the energy efficiency ratio is excellent, most games in medium and low picture quality can maintain a long-term smooth experience ● 5000mAh battery 80W battery life scheme is relatively balanced● Fingerprint model characteristics under the screen: high display quality model, solid battery life, high design recognition recommended people

Briefly introduce the three aspects of chips, cameras, and battery life in the current mobile phone market (only the products that appear in this recommendation) to help you better understand your needs.

SoC, also known as the vernacular -- processor. Performance is largely determined by the quality of the processor, and typically the pricier the model, the better the processor.

● 入门:骁龙778G系列、天玑1080(性能一般但功耗较低,适合不怎么玩游戏的用户)

● 中端:天玑8000系、骁龙870(性能亮眼,能效比出色,性能低于旗舰芯片,但日常使用区别不算明显)

● High-end: A15/16, Snapdragon 8 , Dimensity 9000 series, 骁龙8 Gen2 Excellent performance, high power consumption, often found in the flagship or sub-flagship models


Battery life, specific analysis of specific models, the current 100-watt fast charge has been popularized within 2K, and the battery capacity also varies according to different models, but because the mid-range model chip power consumption is lower, so the endurance may be better.

The models are classified by price range, and the price is calculated using the current preferential price. You can find the corresponding range directly according to the budget, and the corresponding preferential information will follow at the end of each model.


● 配置、充电、续航等相关数据均来自官网;

● 客观推荐,不做排名;

● 推荐机型选取官方/某猫/狗东三个平台官网店铺的最高优惠做为数据,大多支持30天价保,因此后续内容不再进行重复;

● 每部机型会跟进优惠信息,按照当前活动统计,不排除活动期间出现突发优惠政策;

● due to the collation of more models, data may be flawed, if there are errors please kindly point out in the comments area, thank you!

Recommended model catalog


iQOO Z6 (from 1579)

● Redmi Note12 Pro (deposit deduction, from 1699)

● Redmi K50 (maximum discount 500, PLUS super supplement from 1869)

● one plus ACE racing edition (maximum discount: 400, from 1,749)

● true self q 5pro (from 1409.1)



● a rare mobile phone with 80W flash charging and OIS at 1,000 yuan.

● the overall performance is not outstanding, but Snapdragon 778G Plus has a better energy efficiency ratio, and UFS3.1 LPDDR5 has a higher memory chip efficiency, there's nothing wrong with a long, smooth gaming experience that's smooth to use on a daily basis and in medium quality.

● 120Hz high brush LCD screen, friends who feel discomfort with OLED strobe can choose

Features: 护眼、充电快、性能配置均衡

推荐人群: Light to moderate gamers, sensitive eyes, and users with limited budgets

Offer Information: Dogdong deposit 100 to 200 to 300 range, open shop members can also receive 750-20 coupons, half a year to extend insurance and 50% to maintain the value of the new, 8128GB to hand 1579,8256GB to hand 1679,12256GB to hand 1879.

Red Rice Note 12pro

The just-released model, the Tiangi 1080, has the same performance as the Snapdragon 778G, bringing the IMX766 to a lower price range, as well as a flexible OLED screen, where it has a higher priority.

● FLEXIBLE OLED, showing the same price

● IMX766,同时配有OIS,主摄素质有一定保障

● large battery capacity, excellent single-run capacity

Features: Long-range, high display quality, cost-effective

Recommended: Users with limited budgets and low performance requirements

Offer Information: Discount on the first pre-sale deposit, 169 gift boxes for payment before November 1; 6 128GB to 1699, 8 128GB to 1799, 8 256GB to 1999, 12 256GB to 2199.

Red Rice K50

Outstanding cost performance and large discount models, standard with the same price rare 2K flexible straight screen, strong performance, although fast charging is not particularly eye-catching, but 5500mAh battery has a more solid battery life, and the main camera is also equipped with OIS anti-shake, the overall configuration is more balanced, and there is no lack of flashpoints.

● 高素质2KOLED柔性屏,是同价位中为数不多的选择

● 天玑8100能效比较高,且具有不错的性能表现,游戏体验佳

● the main camera is equipped with OIS

●5500 mah battery with excellent battery life

Features: High-quality screen, excellent performance, solid battery life, high cost performance

Recommended Population: Pay attention to the daily use of experience, to the screen quality requirements, parameters party

OFFER INFORMATION: Goudong receives 200 coupons 30 PLUS membership subsidies, 8 128GB to hand price 1869, 8 256GB to hand price 2069, 12 256GB to hand price 2299, 12 512GB to hand price 2869.

One plus ACE racing edition

The configuration is more balanced and involves the use of its own flagship model, Dimensity 8100 and LCD straight screen blessing, OnePlus ACE Racing Edition famous audience, coupled with the acceptable battery capacity and strong design sense of appearance, is also a competitive choice at this price after the Double 11 discount.

● Tianji 8100UFS3.1 LPDDR5, solid and reliable performance, good game experience

● LCD screens work well as eye protectors

●5000mAh battery capacity, excellent battery life

●3.5 mm headphone hole, wired headphone user gospel

Model features: Good eye protection effect and good gaming experience

推荐人群: Eye-sensitive users, moderate game players, wired headphone users

Offer Information: 50 discount 100 coupon, 8 128GB to hand price 1749, 8256GB to hand price 1749(recommended) , 12256gb to hand price 1899

I call it the 5PRO

E 4 straight screen, balanced endurance small steel gun, screen quality level with previous generations of flagship models, compared to the red rice K50 in addition to the resolution disadvantage, the rest of the experience is OK. Snapdragon 870 performance is not outstanding now, but energy efficiency performance is still commendable. The combination of 5000mAh 80W is the most balanced of the recommended models at the same price, suitable for the range and charging speed have certain requirements of friends to choose.

● E4直屏显示素质和游戏操控都有较好水准,前几代旗舰同款

● the performance can be used, the energy efficiency ratio is excellent, in the low picture quality most games can maintain the long time smooth experience

●80W battery life of 5000mAh is relatively balanced

● Fingerprint under the screen

Features: High-quality display models, solid battery life, high design recognition

Recommended Population: 预算有限用户、对屏幕素质要求较高的用户、对续航和充电都有一定要求的用户

Offer Information: Dog East 300 promotion 189.9 coupon, because the price after 6 128GB discount is higher than the 8 128GB version, so it is not recommended, 8 128GB to hand price 1409.1 (only summer burning version), 8 256GB to hand price 1569.1.


● Red Rice K50 supreme (concessionary price of 500,2,469, coupon required, 24 issues interest-free)

● iQOO Neo7(from 2699 onwards, 6-phase interest-free support, 12GB 512GB only 2999)

● Honor 70

● true self GT NEO3150W

The price of this recommended model at the expense of some of the body texture under the premise, in terms of performance can achieve step-by-step, screen, charging, design and other aspects are also interesting, those of you who don't have the budget but still want to buy a flagship experience can focus on that.

Redmi K50 Extreme Edition

The outstanding cost-effective Snapdragon 8 high-quality model, the performance is no different from the current flagship model, customized domestic 1.5K flexible straight screen also has good display quality and dimming effect, coupled with a good image and balance to further improve the battery life program, Redmi K50 Extreme Edition is also a higher priority choice at this price.

● Snapdragon 8 Gen1 UFS3.1 LPDDR5, flagship performance

●100-megapixel main camera with OIS anti-shake for most everyday shooting scenes

●5000mAh Battery 120W wired charging, battery life and charging speed have good performance

Features: Performance benchmarks flagship, cost-effective, solid battery life

Recommended: Parameter party, pay attention to cost-effective, heavy game enthusiasts

优惠信息: Dog East 200 coupon PLUS member 30 super subsidy, support 24 periods of interest-free; 8 128GB to 2469, 8 256GB to 2569, 12 256GB to get 2609.1 (recommended, PLUS members need to make up 101) , 12512GB to hand 2899.

iQOO Neo7

Recently released days of the new 9000 Tianji machine, pre-sale price has been very competitive, eleven on this basis and add a discount, the top version came to less than 3000 prices. The unusual e 5 display, the IMX766V with OIS optical anti-shake, continues the flagship series of pressure-sensitive screens and dual x-axis motors, as well as features such as infrared remote control.

● the rare E 5 high quality straight screen

● Excellent performance, also has a pressure-sensitive screen and dual X-axis motor synergy, the game experience is rich

● It is compatible with 5000mAh large battery and 120W flash charge

● Dedicated graphics chip Pro

Features: The configuration is sincere and balanced, the game experience is excellent, the comprehensive endurance is solid, and the Double 11 discount is strong

Recommended: Gamers, pragmatists, and users with limited budgets who want to buy an experience close to the flagship

优惠信息: Deposit deduction coupon, support 6 periods of interest-free and have corresponding gifts, 8 128GB to hand price 2699, 8 256GB to hand price 2799, 12 256GB to hand price 2699 (PLUS members need to make up the order), 12GB 512GB to the hand price of 2999 (PLUS members need to make up the order).



● the fuselage design has the sense of texture, the curved surface screen hand feeling is good

● The ultra-wide angle quality is acceptable, and it is relatively high in the same price model

Model features: High appearance, curved screen, good grip

Recommended: Appearance party, light machine users

Offer Information: Promotional offer deposit deduction, 8 256GB to hand price 2499, 12 256GB to hand price 2699, 12 512GB to hand price 3069 (PLUS subsidy).

Realme GT Neo3 150W

Charging speed leapfrog cost-effective model, although the performance advantage is not obvious, but the days ji 8100 playing games is also quite enough, and the energy efficiency ratio is excellent. The OLED screen and the IMX766 prime camera (OIS) are also standard at this price point, and the 150W is fast enough to be attractive, but the battery capacity is slightly smaller.

● 配置比较均衡,除电池容量以外没有明显劣势

● charging speed is relatively fast, plus the days ji 8100 and single-display chip, X-axis linear motor configuration, playing the game experience more solid

Model features: Fast charging speed, high design identification

Recommended: Students on a budget, fast charging enthusiasts

Offer Information: Promotion, discount coupons, 6 period interest-free; 8256GB to hand price 2489, 12 256GB to hand price 2209 (recommended) , 12 512GB to 2479.

Nubia Z50

At the moment, the lowest-priced snapdragon 8gen2 cell phones were available. At the same time, it had a decent design and an overall feel that was above the average. Coupled with a more balanced configuration, it was suitable for a relatively limited budget, users who want to buy a flagship chip.

● Snapdragon 8 Gen2 cost-effective model

● good comprehensive configuration, curved screen looks good, image configuration in the same price more prominent

机型特点: Great design, excellent performance, and high image availability

Recommended: A group of students with a limited budget and a certain requirement for photographs

优惠信息: Limited time offer from 300,2699.

Red Rice K60

Cost-effective choice, the screen quality is higher, the core configuration is not hard, in addition to plastic frame, plastic support, performance and price are better than a performance model, it is also one of the few mobile phones in the same location that uses wireless charging.

● The screen quality is good, and there is also 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming

● better overall configuration, with a 30W wireless charging

Features: Excellent performance, excellent screen, outstanding price/performance ratio

推荐人群: A group of students with a limited budget

优惠信息: From 2499, the 512GB version is discounted by 300, and the 12/16 512GB version is 2999 and 3299 yuan respectively.

Realme GT Neo5


● cable charging speed is faster, and there are two versions to choose from

● the price advantage of the 1TB version is obvious

机型特点: Excellent performance, efficient charging, outstanding price-performance ratio

Recommended: Student groups on a budget


8GB 256GB first pin: 2499 yuan

12GB 256GB first sale: 2699 yuan

16GB 256GB first pin: 2899 yuan

realme GT Neo5 240W

16GB 256GB first pin: 3199 yuan

16GB 1TB first sale: 3499 yuan

OnePlus Ace 2

It should be regarded as a model with outstanding texture this year, this year manufacturers have done a lot of work around the cost performance, in addition to the configuration, even some models in the past only in the high price of the "texture" to work hard, such as OnePlus Ace 2.

● excellent texture, using its own flagship design

● cost-effective, 12,256 GB starting

Features: 性能出色、质感出色、性价比突出

Recommended Population: Student groups on a budget

Offer Information: From 2,799 for 12,256 GB, from 3,099 for 16,256 GB, and from 3,499 for 16,512 GB.


● iQOO 10(3,299 cases, 24 interest-free periods supported)

● one plus ACE Pro -LRB-starting from 2999, supporting 12 periods of interest-free)

● Realme GT2 Master Exploration Edition (up to 300,3189 discounts, 12 interest-free)

● OPPO Reno8 Pro+

● vivo X80

iQOO 10

The gaming experience is comparable to that of the Snapdragon 8, which is the flagship of the IQOO Digital Series. The iQOO 10 also continues the high-end features of the previous iQOO series, such as a pressure-sensitive screen, bilinear motors, and dual speakers, excellent sense of control. Charging due to product positioning does not have wireless charging function, but 120W wire charging efficiency is high.

● E5 flexible straight screen, game and daily use have a good experience

● the quality of the main camera is good, there are no cameras

● excellent performance, and equipped with V1 self-developed chip

Features: Fast charging speed, strong performance, excellent game experience, solid video capabilities

Recommended: Game enthusiasts, parametric parties

OFFER INFORMATION: Deposit discount coupon, free headphones, 50% value preservation for new, support 24 periods of interest-free; 8 256G to 3299, 12 256G to 3499, 16 256G to 3799, 12 512GB to 3899.

One plus Ace Pro

The cost-effective Snapdragon 8 flagship, like the screen, performance, charging life, these main configurations are more balanced, because the cost-effective route taken, only retain the practicality of the main camera, there are still a number of lenses.The design is more prominent, and the layout of the rear module with color matching is more popular with young people.

● Excellent performance, currently the Snapdragon 8 is the most positioned model among the OnePlus models

●150W wired charging speed faster, leading the same price model

● the design continues the look of the flagship series

Features: Excellent performance, fast charging, and outstanding design

Recommended: Appearance party, cost-effective users

OFFER INFORMATION: Promotion PLUS member subsidy, store members give wireless headphones, support 12 periods of interest-free; 12 256GB to 2999, 16 256GB to 3199, 16 512GB to 3699.

True GT2 master quest


● the whole machine has high color value and special design version

● X7 unique graphics chip and hidden shoulder button, the game experience has advantages

●100 watt-hour fast charge with 5000 mah battery, integrated battery life is excellent

Features: Good looks, excellent game experience, excellent battery life

Recommended Population: Student groups, fashionable young users

Offer Information: Promotion PLUS subsidy, free Bluetooth headset, booking support 12 periods interest-free; 8 256GB to 3199, 12 256GB to 3399.

OPPO Reno8 Pro+

Design is the first model, now many friends in the choice of mobile phone is very important to look, after all, “Design is the first driver of upgrading.”. Oppo Reno8 Pro performance in the same price point, but not a crotch pull, the overall configuration is also qualified, mainly recommended to focus on the design of user groups.

● The design is prominent, and the front border control is ideal

● The performance is not strong, but the chip energy efficiency ratio is excellent, which can ensure a smooth gaming experience in the moment

● The body is relatively thin

机型特点: Good appearance and good grip

Recommended Population: Fashionable young users, light machine users

Offer Information: Promotion Discount (information from China Telecom store, OPPO own slightly higher prices, but support 24-phase interest-free) , 8256GB to hand price 3299,12256GB to hand price 3599.

vivo X80

The price of the rare million oil model, Tianji 9000 chip compared to the Xiaolong 8, although slightly inadequate, but the blue factory tuning is quite good, game stability and daily performance of fever are relatively ideal. At the same time, the video side also has Zeiss-related adjustments and V1 self-developed support, is the same price in the photograph can play one of the models. But the current strength of the discount is not enough, there is the intention to buy friends can wait and see.

● High-quality E5 screen, with Dimensity 9000 and V1 self-developed core, daily use and gaming experience are good

● IMX866 main camera, and dual 1200W secondary camera, no counting lenses, plus Zeiss images, the same price has advantages

● the battery is small but the charging speed is acceptable

Features: The configuration is balanced, the high image ability

Recommended: The pragmatist, the user who has certain request to the image

OFFER INFORMATION: Coupons are discounted, headphones are given away, 44W flash charging set is sent out, and 24 periods of interest-free support are supported; 8 128GB to 3649, 8 256GB to 3949.

One plus 11

One plus 11 has a higher cost-effective, but also one plus OPPO dual-brand strategy after the first product, texture is good enough materials.

● excellent design and texture

● Excellent image configuration, Hasselblad blessing

Model features: Excellent texture, cost-effective, excellent image

推荐人群: Fashionable young users

Offer Information: The 12 256 version is 3999 yuan, the 16 256 version is 4399 yuan, and the 16 512 version is 4899 yuan

Xiaomi Mi 13

Experience the Xiaomi Flagship, the personal feeling is more worthy of recommendation than the large cup. The configuration of the basic have, and the actual experience of the screen is better than some of the curved surface, in fact, hand feel better glass texture, specific you can go offline their own experience.

● straight screen, right angle in the box, plus the visual quadrilateral, excellent design

● Leica blessing, the film tone is pleasant

机型特点: Excellent texture, cost-effective, excellent image

Recommended Population: The pursuit of practical flagship users

Offer Information: The 8128 version costs 3,999 yuan, the 8256 version costs 4,299 yuan, the 12,256 version costs 4,599 yuan, and the 12,512 version costs 4,999 yuan


在性能和游戏部分,iQOO 11的亮点是比较多的,在压感、马达这两方面可以比肩游戏手机。日常体验部分,也有旗舰平台、百瓦快充+大电池、高刷高分辨率E6直屏、素质尚可的影像,喜欢玩游戏但又想兼顾日常体验的话,iQOO 11可以考虑在内。

● excellent gaming experience, multiple feedback to enhance the sense of immersion in the game

● the overall configuration and high-end flagship are almost identical

Model features: Excellent game experience, a comprehensive configuration

推荐人群: Students who like to play games

OFFER INFORMATION: The 8128 version costs 3,799 yuan, the 8256 version costs 4,099 yuan, the 12,256 version costs 4,399 yuan, the 16,256 version costs 4,699 yuan, and the 16,512 version costs 4,999 yuan


● 小米12S Pro(优惠300,4099起,支持24期免息)

● iQOO 10 Pro (from 4999, support 6 periods interest-free)

Xiaomi Mi 12S Pro

Even though the Xiaomi 13 Series will be released soon, the 12S Pro has a lot of price discounts, this is also a good choice for those who don't have the obsession to buy the new or the old.

● the 2K E 5 screen has excellent display quality

● Three 50-megapixel lenses are more capable of fighting, and they also have the blessing of Leica images

● 100-watt fast charging with wireless charging can make up for the lack of battery capacity to a certain extent

Model features: High performance, high image power, fast charging speed

Recommended Population: Xiaomi Old Users, users who have certain requirements for photography, pay attention to cost-effective groups

Offer Information: Pre-sale discount PLUS subsidy, support 24 periods of interest-free; 8 128GB to 4099, 8 256GB to 4399, 12 256GB to 4799, 12 512GB to 5299.

iQOO 10 Pro

200W flash charging flagship, in addition to the Snapdragon 8 , there is also a V1 self-developed chip, and the main camera is equipped with a micro gimbal, excellent stability, the other two cameras are of acceptable quality, and the gameplay is also more diverse.In terms of fingerprints, large-area ultrasonic 3D fingerprints are used, and the recognition area is larger than that of optical fingerprints, and the ability to unlock wet hands is better.

● 200W 50W charging combination is eye-catching

● The 2KE5 screen has excellent quality

● The fingerprint unlock solution is practical

● Take into account certain image capabilities

机型特点: Top charging speed, balanced product power

Recommended Population: 对充电速度要求较高的用户、年轻群体、参数党

OFFER INFORMATION: Promotion PLUS subsidy, 50% value preservation for replacement, support 6 periods of interest-free; 8 256GB to hand 4999, 12 256GB to hand price 5199, 12 512GB to hand price 5399 (PLUS subsidy, need to make up 1 piece).

Xiaomi 13pro

Xiaomi's second one-inch main camera model is higher in configuration than the Mi 12SU, with stronger performance, and there are also ceramic versions with better texture to choose from.But at the same time, the zoom factor is closer, and friends who have no demand for periscope lenses can directly punch the large cup without waiting for the large cup.

● The material is sincere, and the imaging ability is excellent

● Excellent ceramic texture

机型特点: High performance, high image quality, high quality

推荐人群: 预算充足,对拍照有一定要求,喜欢陶瓷手感的用户

OFFER INFORMATION: The 8128GB version costs 4,999 yuan, the 8256 version 5,399 yuan, the 12,256 version 5,799 yuan, and the 12,512GB version 6,299 yuan.

vivo X90 Pro

The one-inch main camera model launched by the Blue Factory for the first time, the main camera and the oversized cup are consistent.The core configuration is Dimensity 9200, with V2 self-developed core, charging speed and battery capacity compared to the super large cup also has advantages.If the demand for high-power telephoto is not high, the X90 series large cup is also a more economical choice.

● The material is sincere, and the imaging ability is excellent

● excellent ceramic texture

机型特点: 高性能、高影像力、高质感

推荐人群: Sufficient budget, there are certain requirements for photography, like ceramic feel of the user

Offer Information:

Price range of 5K and above

Because the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 is about to be released, and the Snapdragon 8/Dimensity 9000 chip is also ushering in a generation, Android at this price is only recommended for the Snapdragon 8 model.

● Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra (from 5399, exclusive to PLUS members, need to make up the order)

● iPhone 14 Plus (stacked coupon, starting at 5849)

iPhone 14 Pro/Max (starting at 7649/8649)

● vivo X Fold+

● Samsung S22 Ultra (pre-sale discount PLUS subsidy, starting price 7199)

● 华为Mate50 Pro

小米12S Ultra

The high-resolution Snapdragon 8 flagship, the Leica Camera and the IMX989 dual support, the main camera performance is excellent, the other two camera quality is also more able to fight, the overall image capability is currently the first echelon. Apart from the lack of an advantage in charging speed and the high weight of the unit, there are few hard knocks and the eleven is a true flagship model worth buying this time.

● IMX989 Leica image full main camera combination, support Dolby Vision video recording, the first echelon of Android image capabilities

● 续航能力出色

● The shape design resembles a camera

Features: High image power, solid battery life, and strong price concessions

Recommended: Users who are insensitive to the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 and those who have high requirements for image capabilities

优惠信息: Plus subsidies, support six-phase interest-free; 82,56GB to hand price 5,499(need a single piece) , 12,256GB to hand price 5,899,12,512GB to hand price 6,399.

iPhone 14 Plus

The reduced price of the“Really sweet” iPhone, Apple's only large-screen standard model in recent years, although compared with the previous version of the upgrade is not large, but the overall battery life is a big selling point. The screen refresh rate is not sensitive, the image ability requirements are not demanding, like to play games friends can pay attention to.

● demonstrate good quality

● 续航能力全系最好

Features: Excellent battery life and performance

推荐人群: Pragmatism iOS old users, long-range requirements of users

Offer Information: 某猫的优惠力度更大,叠加券,到手价5849起。

iPhone 14 Pro/Max

The latest iPhone flagship model, the price ushered in a discount for the first time, the current tight supply situation has eased, basically in the state of spot sales.

● New Smart Island design

Excellent video recording capability, main camera sensor upgrade, excellent performance in RAW mode

● iOS has good electronic control and overall battery life

机型特点: Solid battery life, powerful performance, and excellent display

推荐人群: Budget-savvy, iPhone 12 series and previous old users

OFFER INFORMATION: Coupons are discounted, starting at 7649/8649.

vivo X Fold+

Vivo x Fold, the most powerful folding screen for stacking, has the same conventional hardware as its flagship model. Both the inner and outer screens are made of e-5-based materials, and are also used for ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, compared to the X Fold updated the new color, Snapdragon 8, wired charging speed has also been improved to 80W.

● Strong consistency between internal and external screens, excellent display quality

 —  full-focus image module, also supported by Zeiss

● Wired charging power reaches 80W, and equipped with 50W wireless charging

● Independent physical mute key

Model features: Top-grade stacking, long life hinge, no obvious creases

Recommended Population: Strong purchasing power of users, users want to experience folding screen, parameter party

OFFER INFORMATION: At present, there are only double-digit discounts, and the price starts at 9989.

Samsung S22 Ultra


● Exclusive Amoled 2X screen, display and visual angle are better

● Excellent image ability, strong telephoto quality

● Excellent design texture, still the current industry benchmark

Model features: Business model, great display, great texture, built-in stylus

Recommended: Business people, Samsung old users, non-gamers

OFFER INFORMATION: Pre-sale discount PLUS subsidies, sun single gift 50 Jingdou (limited first 600) , support 6 phase interest-free; 12,256 GB to hand price 7199,12,512 GB to hand price 7999.

Huawei Mate50 Pro

The highlights may be limited, but the overall practical Huawei's new flagship.This generation of Mate flagships has compromised in some aspects, but the overall image power and hardware quality are still above the passing line.For most people, this mobile phone may not be cost-effective, but for Huawei's core users, you can expect the Double 11 source information, and the chance of a large discount is not very large.

● Kunlun glass, high strength, excellent drop resistance

● high availability of variable aperture main photography

● Satellite communication, emergency in extreme cases

Features: Excellent anti-fall ability, photo color likable

Recommended Population: Business people, Huawei core users

Discount: Not yet

vivo X90 Pro+

The flagship of the world's most powerful camera, it is also the flagship with the most focal length and one-inch bottom. Material is very full, in addition to the battery capacity and charging speed have room to improve, the other parts are basically full.

● 影像焦段全面,拍照能力第一梯队

● Comprehensive configuration, almost no hard damage

Model features: The configuration is comprehensive, the image omnipotence

Recommended: High-end users, higher requirements for the image users

机型优惠: The 12 256GB version is 6449 yuan, and the 12 512GB version is 6949 yuan

OPPO Find N2/N2 Flip

Word-of-mouth thin folding machine iterative products, N2 inside and outside the screen in the horizontal folding screen is the smallest, the weight is the lightest, there is a high availability of one-handed grip. The outer screen of the n 2flip has the largest vertical fold, and the overall design is good. Interested in folding screen friends, you can go offline to experience the two models.

● The body is light and thin, and the experience has advantages in similar products

● The inner and outer screens are E6 120Hz, and the experience is consistent

Model features: Thin and lightweight

Recommended: 对折叠屏感兴趣,但对重量比较敏感的年轻用户

Model Offer: The 12 256GB version is 7989 yuan, and the 12 512GB version is 8989 yuan

● The outer screen size is large and has a certain usability

● The design is relatively young

Model features: Thin and lightweight

Recommended Population: Young users interested in folding screens but sensitive to weight

机型优惠: The 8 256GB version is 5989 yuan, the 12 256GB version is 6389 yuan, and the 12 512GB version is 6989 yuan

The above models for 10.28 statistical time (some new models for 23 years 2.14 statistical time) , if you find that there is an update of the preferential information, you can feedback in the comments OH. In addition, some models online channels, PDD prices may be lower than the same price this time, but due to the existence of channel differences and store risks, here will not do statistics.

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