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Why did Hannibal, the god of war, win the battle and not win the war?

2023-02-28 04:20:14

1. Carthaginians were a typical commercial civilization, with little emphasis on agriculture. The Carthaginians left most of their work to slaves, went out on their own to earn money, did not want to fight their own battles, and paid mercenaries to do so.

North Africa is still home to many Carthaginian and Roman monuments. There are many intact ancient cities, including opera houses and other buildings. In some remote rural areas, driving through large areas of farmland, the monuments will come into view by chance, far from the towns, the ruins are relatively well preserved, with huge stone palaces, full columns, exquisite carvings, colorful mosaics on the ground, and vast swathes of amazing ruins.



1, Carthage is a typical commercial civilization country, do not pay much attention to agriculture, Carthaginians give most of the things to slaves to do, go out to do business to earn money, unwilling to personally go into battle to fight, spend money to hire mercenaries to fight.

2, Rome is a typical agrarian civilization, the Romans take farming as the main way of life, keen to open up territory, the Romans personally participated in the war, far superior to the Carthage mercenaries in courage;

3, 迦太基的商人统治阶级过于看重眼前的利益,缺乏长远的目标,总是轻易地选择妥协和回避问题,最终走向失败。

Throughout history, why did Hannibal win the battle but not the war?

On the surface, there were various reasons, the first of which was Carthage's lack of strong support, and Hannibal's army was reduced by nearly half after crossing the Alps to southern Italy.

In the subsequent strategic tie with Rome, Carthage not only did not provide logistics and troops, but instead drew troops from Hannibal's troops.

This was followed by the Berber cavalry, an important military force that originally belonged to Carthage, which switched to Scipio the Great and played a key role in the victory over Carthage.

One of the reasons Masinissa, king of Berber, who led the cavalry, turned against Carthage was because of the “Chen Yuanyuan” of Carthage.

His father-in-law Hasdrubal his daughter to Masinissa, and Masinissa followed his father-in-law to Iberia, the Berbers cavalry also played a key role in Iberia's victory over old Scipio.

Carthage then married Sophonysba to Syphax in exchange for Maseille's support, but this led to Masinissa's break with Carthage.

Hamilcar Barca's eldest son was Gannibal, his son-in-law was a Hasdrubal, his Hasdrubal was the father of Sofia spar, Masinissa was his protã © GÃ © E, and Gannibal, while fighting hard in Italy, it was the Hasdrubal and his brother who brought supplies from as far away as Iberia.

To sum up, it is not difficult to see:

1. Don't reach a win-win cooperation that is ostensibly win-win but harms long-term interests;

2, the enterprise must let employees have a sense of identity, to let employees feel that they are masters, do not let everyone feel that they are slaves or mercenaries;

3. Every battle of a start-up can involve life and death, and there must be centralized power.Listening to all sides is good, but decision-making requires discretion.

So the real reason for Gannibal's failure was that commercial civilization was opposed to concentration of power, that Carthage was wary of Gannibal, that Carthage didn't realize it was a fight to the death.


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