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Red Face, sweating, the East Branch Office held a staff meeting

2023-02-28 04:20:09

The meeting includes three agenda items, first, Vice President Caidan Zhuoga put forward several requirements for the network service: 1, the President stressed that I am located in the center of the City Branch, unit customers, VIP customers more, we must improve the service level, do a good job of service.

May 19,2018 afternoon, the East Branch Office held a staff meeting in the business room. Vice President Caidan Zhuoga presided over the meeting. The meeting consisted of three agendas,

1. Vice President Tseidan Zhuoga put forward several requirements for the service of the branch: 1, the president emphasized that our branch office is located in the city center, there are many unit customers and VIP customers, and everyone should improve the service level and do a good job in service work.2, the president stressed that it is necessary to make good use of the customer resources around him and strive for deposits for more outlets.3. The President stressed that everyone should strengthen the learning of relevant rules and regulations and business skills, improve the efficiency of handling business, shorten customer waiting time, and improve service experience.

Second, each employee of the Chengdong branch took turns to speak, express their views on the current situation of the branch service, everyone was open and honest, put the problems on the table, red face, sweating, for the better service of the Chengdong branch office to express their own opinions, the results are good.

Third, the head of operations, Tenzin Jigmei, summarized everyone's speeches and commented on the details of the outlet's service attitude, business efficiency, and work methods and methods.

The picture is from the book App

The picture is from the book App