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【Brave Four Seasons City】Interactive Game: If you become a brave person in Four Seasons City...

2023-02-28 04:19:29

The bag directly performs a backflip plus side slide and flies into [Parallel Time and Space of Four Seasons City] to start the adventure!

If one day,

How would you feel?

Of course it is

Bag directly one


Start your adventure!

The bag drew one quickly

Show us the way!

Do you want to be brave!

The brave need equipment, right?

Take the first step!

Let me show you the bags,

Which equipment is more dazzling (hand rubbing)


There's a. . . Question Mark?

The unknown often has exciting secrets behind it,

Maybe in this question mark

What little surprises are hidden?

I'll take the question marks!

After choosing the equipment, it's time to choose the birthplace!


The adventure journey is from

Spring City


But there is snow in Winterfell,

The roofs and forests are covered with soft and thick layers of snow,

How like the milk cap on the milk tea!

Finally entered the four seasons city parallel time and space adventure,

Can I get a“Shepherd”?

The two sides tacitly cooperate and cooperate,

The game is cleared in minutes!

But if you can only fight monsters to level up,

It's still a bit boring.


Serve up a delicious hot pot!

With food, you must have fun!

Lovely Little Elf

Flying carriages,

The Snowman who will fight with you


You passed the challenge with flying colors

It's okay

"So where is the entrance to the parallel time and space of Four Seasons City?"


Are you ready to go?

Or search on station B:

is pass-through


Be brave, rua elf!

Let's have an adventure together!