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How are goldfish selected?

2023-02-28 04:19:04

After the seed, the female fish must be immediately caught out and put into other tanks to keep alone.

Every year in April and May, goldfish breed season.

Breeding goldfish to choose a good species first. Look for fish groupies before selecting” to identify males and females.”. A grouper is a red, sesame-sized bump on the top of the gills, dorsal fin, and front paddle of a male, and a female is a fish without grouper

Species selection should be selected for the mating of strong, pure and well-shaped species, and a female fish with similar traits of the same species should be selected for a male.If there are two females, match two males, and so on.The fertilization of goldfish is carried out in vitro when a female fish ovulates, and a male must immediately follow up and discharge sperm, so that the fertilization process can be completed, otherwise there will be no small fish.

After choosing the seeds, choose to put a bunch of anchovies in the fish tank, if there is no anchovies, use other aquatic plants, or even replace them with old brown silk and hemp silk.Then the seed fish are put together, and other unrelated goldfish need to be moved to other tanks.

After the seed is sprinkled, the female must be caught immediately and placed in another fish tank to be raised separately.In the tank with male fish, it is necessary to change to new water immediately, and if the water is not changed, it will cause rancid water quality and make the seed fish die.

Whether it is the first time to sow the new fish, or has been sown for many years, the general breeding period will be sown three times, each sown, the interval time for about a week. The quality of the roe is generally better with a second sprinkle.



When hatching fish, it is rainy or the weather is particularly stuffy, which is beneficial to the growth of the roe, and often the roe remains unchanged after a week, and even mold or rot grows on some roe.At this time, you don't have to worry, just move the fish tank to a ventilated place, for a longer time, the small goldfish will still hatch, but the number is a little less

The method of feeding juvenile fish is the same as feeding large fish, that is, to make sure that the water is clear and sufficient.At the beginning, it is best to feed the juveniles some small pale yellow water fleas (commonly known as egg yolk fish worms) or hard-boiled egg yolks.It is also possible to take some live fish worms and put them in the incubator tank before the baby goldfish are born.