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"Frog at the bottom of the well" new solution

2023-02-28 04:18:09

For those who choose their goals appropriately, the motivation to keep on improving, to keep on learning, to improve their knowledge accumulation and knowledge system, to have the courage and preparation to face the unknown, isn't that self-awareness you need to work on because you feel inadequate?

Discussing with my daughter one day (say it's a discussion, maybe it's more like indoctrination!). When I read further, I suddenly thought of the idea of "the frog at the bottom of the well".

Human knowledge is like a circle. As knowledge accumulates, the circle will get bigger and bigger, and the unknown areas outside the circle will get bigger and bigger. “Live to old, learn to old”, learning endless, learning endless, should be to describe the situation.


In this process, if the expansion of the more three-dimensional image, it is more like the well continues to climb out of the three-dimensional climb, accumulated knowledge points and knowledge systems as from the width and depth of our knowledge of the unknown world continues to expand our understanding of the outside world.


The basic knowledge and theoretical framework of the cognitive system is constructed, similar to the physical substance, molecules, atoms, quantum, quarks and other gradually refined systems.With the construction of a more nuanced system of knowledge, human understanding of the world is more detailed and basic.

And similar to walking, driving, cars, aircraft, aerospace and other transportation systems, broaden our rational understanding of the world distance.

More appropriate will also be similar to the“Cat” internet and the current 4G network, the upcoming 5G network in general, changing our perception of the world.

The well wall is sometimes an opportunity and possibility that is constantly changing with the development of the external basic theoretical system.What we really master or strive to improve is more the depth of the well water.

Depth changes our distance from the unknown, determining the breadth of the unknown.Maintain the habit of continuous learning, so that the knowledge under the existing theoretical framework can be accumulated and active.

On the other hand, attention should also be paid to the acquisition of new theoretical frameworks and cognitive learning.For example, the theoretical replacement of "flat earth theory" and "earth circle theory", the continuous learning of these two aspects is enough for us to continue to chase for life.

Therefore, the old saying that the frog at the bottom of the well only looks at the sky through the wellhead, and the size of the sky is only the size of the wellhead.Such a perception is incomplete, and the world outside the wellhead is far from being able to peek into at the wellhead.

Obviously, such a frog in the well is not desirable, not we should stay, should not aspire to.


Now in society we tend to fall into the“Bottom of the well” of the strange circle, that is, at the bottom of the well without knowing it. Such circles often depend on the choice of our reference pairs. Reference pairs often only choose the familiar people around themselves, not based on the industry or all groups of the same age group to choose the reference, and the reference selection is not perfect, we tend to be satisfied with what we have achieved and lack the motivation to go further! Isn't that just a frog in a well? !

Those who choose the right reference target can make themselves the motivation to continue to improve forever, let themselves continue to learn, improve the accumulation of knowledge and the improvement of the knowledge system, and let themselves have the courage and preparation to face the unknown.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with being a frog at the bottom of the well, or whether we want to or not, in the face of the unknown of objective existence, we are the situation of the frog at the bottom of the well, and the true correct understanding of the role and situation of the frog at the bottom of the well is that we can face and meet such challenges with the humility that motivates us to continue to learn and maintain our efforts.

It is a frog at the bottom of the well, but the sky at the mouth of my well is not the whole picture of the sky, but in order to be able to glimpse a wider sky and beautiful scenery, maintain humility and keep forging ahead, and truly accumulate and improve.