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How to start a business at home and how to make money at home?

2023-02-28 04:17:59

2, do pet care Pet care is an emerging profession, because now many people like to have small pets, but because of busy working hours during the day, pets have no one to take care of at home, at this time the existence of pet custody plays a great role.

In this open era, men and women should be equal, and women must not be vases, or yellow-faced women who revolve around family trivia, and must rely on themselves to fight for a wealth life of their own.Therefore, many female friends who take care of their families at home are thinking about starting a business at home, hoping to realize their small career dreams.How to start a business from home to earn money? Recommend a few projects that can earn money at home!


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There is no difficulty in promotion, you need to have a certain ability to execute, and you can see the effect by taking time with the method.

No need to think too complex, nothing more than to share (daily use of discount goods in daily life, just needed equipment) , or like me to promote money, the market is huge, the future can be expected!

Sharing goods to make money is one of the key ways to make money in the Oxygen APP, specifically the APP is more good, the discount of the goods to share out, if someone buys, we can get the commission of the commission, the operation is relatively simple, no need to press goods, no need to ship themselves, 0 cost, 0 risk.(The most common is to share with the community and circle of friends, and others can earn as much money as they can.))

Around us, we can see many stay-at-home mothers who have given up their careers for the sake of their families.But over time, they will find that this is not the life they want, they want to be financially independent while taking care of their families.Because they know that all their security should be given by themselves, and they can only live a humble life if they work harder.

1. Write for money


2. Do Pet Care

Pet care is an emerging profession because many people like to keep small pets nowadays, but because of the busy working hours during the day, there is no one to take care of pets at home, at this point the existence of pet hosting plays a large role. If you are very caring and like small animals, you can open a pet care center to help these people in need to take care of pets. And this is a very low-cost input project, as long as you do well, get more pet people trust, money is expected.

3. Make handicrafts


4. Open a laundry

Young people work pressure, every day in the company has been very busy, back home that there is also the mood to do laundry do household chores? So they often send their clothes to the laundromat to be cleaned, which has greatly promoted the development of the laundry industry. Female friends at home to take care of the family can consider opening a laundromat near the community, investment small business flexible and simple, will not affect their families to take care of, the focus is to be able to make money, why not!

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