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What are the ways to make money with your phone? Share 7 common ways to make money on your phone!

2023-02-28 04:17:39

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What are some quick ways to make money from mobile phones


Regular quick money making on mobile phones

1. High Province APP to make money (High Province Invitation Code: 887766)

Gaozhou is a coupon company that specializes in online shopping platforms such as Taobao,, Doddo, Douyin, Meituan, etc. , you can get a commission. Don't look down on making money as a high-earning province. High-earning province is currently the most stable and reliable alternative for making money on the Internet. There are many big bosses who earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, today to give you a detailed way to make money under the high province, interested in earning 200-300 friends can understand.

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To choose a coupon platform, you need to know what coupon monetization platforms exist. Well, judging from the current online shopping platform, there are quite a number of people's eyes are still focused on Taobao or tmall, because such a large platform can meet the consumer needs of many people. You know, there are other platforms, like, Doddo, vippin--. And so on these large platforms are also able to meet more consumer demand. If you want to make money by using these platforms to distribute coupons in this way, you have to find suitable merchants, and many of them need to distribute a certain amount of coupons on a regular basis, this will attract more customers.

Above speaking from the platform of online shopping, there are still quite a lot of platforms for making money by issuing coupons, mainly depending on which platforms they are suitable for, and for people who often do part-time jobs to make money, they will certainly know how to connect with some good platforms, so that they can make themselves a layer of protection.

We said so much before, the main content is about the topic of coupon platform, to be precise, is a coupon can make money? Which coupon platform is more profitable? Here's What I want to say: coupon platforms can make money, so which single platform can you choose? Taobao? Or or Pinduoduo? Or maybe Weipin Hui, Suning e-commerce... Wait, what? If you single-select which platform is a failure, because none of them better than who, some only have their own characteristics, advantages. You have to choose all, is the best.

I tell you today: What platform to choose more money? Of course is the first choice [ High Province ] platform most money. Gaosheng is a comprehensive e-commerce shopping platform, a combination of Taobao, Tmall,, Doddo, weipin, Suning e-commerce, Meituan, Eleme, ... All online coupon platforms. Free Download High Province, free use. High Province Invitation Code: 887766

2. Oxygen benefits (whole network discount on oxygen benefits)

Here to recommend a mobile Taoke software, which brings together Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Pinduoduo, Vipshop,, Hungry, Meituan and other platforms, using this mobile Taoke software This is self-use to save money and share earnings, hard work in the early stage, you can really make money lying down in the later stage, passive income! I have been doing it for half a year, the income is okay, more than I still earn at work, the important thing is passive income!

这个返利APP叫做“氧惠”,可以在各大手机应用商店搜索氧惠即可下载,氧惠邀请码: 887766 ,氧惠洋洋,专注流量,专注百度推广,带你零投资创业,带你零投资打造百万团队!百度搜索(高省洋洋)(氧惠洋洋)可查看本人更多相关资讯,也是本人都在做的零投资平台,注册登录后可在后台直接与我联系,教会你如何推广,如何引流,流量为王的时代,做好流量在哪都是你的绝对优势!

How to save and make money with oxygen?


2. Using oxygen to share coupons to earn money. Using oxygen to share good things to earn money. Inviting his friends around him to use oxygen to save money. He could earn thousands and tens of thousands of yuan more each month while saving money, more than a relaxed and stable sideline income, learned more marketing knowledge, expand their network

(3) Do the team to take the team commission, do team promotion, the fastest 63 days monthly income of 100,000, obtained a super high team passive income, to achieve the lying income mode, in the future, whether sleeping or traveling, there will be commissions automatically recorded at any time, to achieve personal financial freedom! Fulfilled yourself and helped others!

3. Do live broadcasting

Live streaming is currently a very hot HYIP project, and the use of mobile phones to do live streaming is becoming more and more accepted.Such as mobile game live broadcast, outdoor live broadcast, etc., are inseparable from mobile phones.With mobile phones, live streaming can be made everywhere and at any time.


WeChat as an application on the mobile phone, its popularity is wide, the frequency of use is high, so the use of mobile phones to do micro-business business opportunities are very huge, as long as you find the right method, find the right channel, stick to it, it is not too difficult to make money.

5. Mobile game training

Mobile games are becoming more and more popular. As long as there are people, there will be demand, generation training will have a market, so the use of mobile phones to do generation training is also a very good way to earn online. To some agent training platform to accept the task, after completion can obtain income.

6. Do podcasts

On various large and small video platforms, you can shoot some small videos, and then upload them to them for netizens to browse, the platform will give a certain fee according to the number of views, so you can use your mobile phone to photograph some interesting things or things you see, and then upload them to earn income.

7. Do APP tasks


This article is written by Yang Yang, the co-founder of the largest team operation in Baidu, China!