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Quanzhou's heavy-weight seafood noodles, sand tea, eating is the generosity of the seaside people

2023-02-28 04:17:34

I can only say that Quanzhou people like this kind of generous eating, especially Quanzhou men, not only guzzling wine guzzling beef, but also guzzling seafood, this should be the character of the sea people inherited it.

1. Sand tea noodles from Nanyang

New Year's Day holiday, and Mr. Two people came to a floating bridge red sand tea noodle shop card.

, which is a transliteration, from the Malay word sate.Hokkien people have the habit of going to Nanyang to seek life, and their footprints are all over the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other places, so there are traces of Nanyang in the life of Hokkien people.

Shacha noodles are a kind of food from Indonesia and Malaysia, but after years of interpretation, it has been integrated into the life of Hokkien people, basically where there are Hokkien people, there are sand tea noodles.

It is a must-eat food in Quanzhou, but it is not a staple in the city, and the occasional restaurant that makes it is amazing.

Second, the bold way of eating people by the sea

The restaurant next to the Golden Dragon police station in Quanzhou was not open for a long time. The owner was quite young, probably in his early thirties, and he knew how to run the business. It was said that when the restaurant opened, they advertised their lobsters at half price in the ticket circle, there are not only lobsters, but also super-sized Stomatopoda, red paste sturgeon and other important seafood, people are itching to see.

Some people say that the sand tea noodles itself is very civilian, but to add lobster, red-paste crab and other heavy seafood, is not very match?

I can only say that Quanzhou people like this kind of arrogant eating, especially Quanzhou Hanzi, not only drinking and eating beef, but also eating seafood, which should be the genetic inheritance of the character of the Hai people.

Noodles paste, lo mein to join the big shrimp squid, and how can not add lobster shacha noodles?

3. Heavy seafood sand tea noodles


Seafood is on the shelves one after another, because it is New Year's Day, my husband and I said: How about two lobster red paste crab sand tea noodles?

Both of you are Funny Jokers, foodies, language acts like children, but also no one.

Crab is still steaming, so first ordered lobster, bean curd three bao, taro balls composed of sandy tea noodles.

I have to say, sand tea is not bad, seen many people say that the soup is very hot, feel good.

Tofu Three Jewels is a small oil bubble, fried tender tofu and fried bean skin, dip into the sand tea soup, absorb the essence of the sand tea, sand tea noodles is a good match.

Taro balls do very characteristic, and the usual Q and transparent taro balls are different, similar to water balls, which can eat into diced taro aroma.

Lobster is a small green dragon, the meat is firm and tender, sweet and Plus, live lobster no objection, shrimp meat dip soup head to eat is more enjoyable.

After the crab steamed, the man saw that we had eaten almost, bent over and asked in a low voice: Do You Want More?

Very sure answer: Yes, figure


This meal cost a lot of money, rich eat law.

Recalling the prawn noodle paste he had eaten at the Pangong, he said that was the pride in Quanzhou People's bones.

"Salt and honey", talking about three meals of food, talking about the style of the four directions, seemingly grassy, but it is the taste of the world.

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