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Heart-to-heart: the 2021 Marshmallow EQ Trainer Conference, held successfully

2023-02-28 04:17:24

In the view of Sister Xiaodan, the person who walked out of the cave, no matter what choice he made, there was no right or wrong, and it was organically combined into the mission and task of the marshmallow emotional intelligence trainer.

2021 marshmallows

"Emotional Intelligence Trainer" conference

Successfully held~

On the morning of January 13, in Room 505 of Marshmallow Emotional Intelligence and Family Education in Minhang Lotus Campus, the 2021 "Emotional Intelligence Trainer" Conference was held as scheduled.

The emotional intelligence trainers from Minhang and Yangpu campus gathered together, and the founders of Marshmallow, Mr. Yan Zhixin and Mr. Zhou Changhui, also attended the scene.Everyone expressed their opinions, shared their teaching experience, issued relevant qualification certificates, and looked forward to the work arrangements for the coming year.

Under the auspices of Mr. Deng Lijun (Betty's sister), the conference officially kicked off.

2021 teaching standard reading

Director of Instructional Development: Sister Dan

Before reading the "Teaching Standards," Sister Dan spoke about Plato's Republic

Imagine that there are a group of prisoners in the crypt, who have stayed there since childhood, bound by chains, and can only look at the shadows on the cave wall in front of them.Then one day, one of the prisoners' chains was unchained, and he tentatively walked out of the cave to see the real world in the sun.At this point, he has two options: he can choose to return to the cave to tell his companions about his experience, or he can choose to continue in the real world.

In the view of Sister Xiaodan, the person who walked out of the cave, no matter what choice he made, there was no right or wrong, and it was organically combined into the mission and task of the marshmallow emotional intelligence trainer.

2020 is a bumpy year, this year, some people leave the marshmallow, there are many people choose to share. But no matter what choice you make, I hope you will not forget: I came to the original heart of cotton candy, as well as emotional intelligence family education career significance and value.

Then, Sister Xiaodan read the "2021 Teaching Standards", sorted out the assessment standards of teaching supervisors and emotional intelligence trainers, and also mentioned the filling out of the "Teaching Service Plan Feedback Form".I hope to take this opportunity to inspire the high morale of my friends and achieve a better self in the new year.

"Special Experience"

Teaching Director: Kaikai Brother

Subsequently, by Kaikai elder brother take the stage to speak. He shares his work with children's emotional intelligence

Then he also emotional intelligence of the performance of the form, published their own unique views. In his opinion, the content of the course is not the most important, but what is important is the interactive way in and out of the class, which can make the children and parents feel intuitively, the personality charm of EQ trainers.

Then came the“Live action” Segment-i'm a Star!

A group of five people took turns standing in front of him and talking about their strengths for a minute. The other four looked at him with admiration and said aloud at the end, “I like you!” The atmosphere of participation was high, full of laughter and applause.

It is a necessary skill for every EQ trainer to look at others with appreciation and find the bright spots in them. I believe that through such a special experience, everyone can learn something from it and grow.

2020 upgrade Honors are given

Who are the honorees?


Miss Wang Yaqian (sister Qian Qian)

Teacher Li Fengmei (Sweet Sister)

Miss Li Wei

Miss Cai Qiuru is as big as her sister

Teacher Tang Yajie (Sister Xiaobai)

"Upgrade" successful!

Be the rising star of cotton candy

They said that along the way, there have been hesitations and confusions, but more often than not, heavenly rewards and donations, and can be expected in the future.

"Marshmallow is a warm family, and being able to stand on the stage today is inseparable from the help and support of the people around you.”

"In order to pass the assessment, grind the lesson over and over again.I believe that as long as the strength of "I want" in my heart is firm enough, there is nothing that cannot be done and cannot be done.”

“I will try my best to present my teaching content, to teach students in accordance with their aptitude and to motivate them.”

"Every trainer here has something to learn and learn from.”

"Thank you so much Marshmallow for giving me this opportunity to help me overcome my low self-esteem, gain self-confidence, and make me a different me.”



Behind the glory, condenses the sweat; after the hardship, can obtain the magnificence finally. These“Treasure girls”, in the“Acceptance speech” segment, open their hearts to express their joy of growth, and to the partner of gratitude. This moving as the warm flow of lingering in the heart, infected everyone present.

Founder’s speech

Yan zhixin teacher (little sister)

Teacher Zhou Changhui (Brother Mark)

The founders of Marshmallow, Mr. Yan Zhixin and Mr. Zhou Changhui, also reviewed the journey of the past year and expressed their sincerest gratitude to the friends who joined Marshmallow.I hope that there will be more emotional intelligence trainers, who will be proactive and successful in the new year, and have the extraordinary influence of "excelling others and achieving themselves".

At the same time, they also pointed out that parents choose cotton candy, because of recognition of our professional level and rigor. This requires each of our trainers, seriously responsible for every child and parents, and constantly improve their professional quality, in the rules of growth, for the future to forge ahead to add brick.

And Marshmallow, it is through a child emotional intelligence class, a parent growth class, a child discipline lectures, the concept of scientific parenting to more families.


2021 wish list

A grand blueprint for Dreams

The times create heroes and let dreams dance with your heart.The year 2020, full of opportunities and challenges, regrets and good times, has passed; The brand new year 2021 has just begun.

It is still the year of "love you love you", the year when we stand at a new starting point, and it is also the year that we marshmallow people carry expectations in our hearts.Everyone wrote down their goals and wishes on red paper, looking forward to starting from the "heart" and moving forward towards the heart in the new year!



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