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[Dialogue with Luna, point psychology from elementary school] 030 - Will you lend a hand? Don't rush to answer!

2023-02-28 04:17:14

Mom: Yeah, psychology is wondering why. It's supposed to help people. How come so many people have seen it for so long and no one has come forward.

Mom: Luna, when you see someone meet a bad guy, will you help her? Or would you call 911 and ask the police for help?


Mom: In the history of psychology, there was a very influential event, not an experiment, that people couldn't forget or couldn't avoidIt's worth knowing

Luna: What's going on?

Mom: it's about helping others. Normally, we would imagine that if you saw a bad guy bullying someone, you'd want to help?


Mom: but one day in 1964, a young woman was walking home from a day's work when she was attacked by a man with a knife. When she was stabbed and she cried out for help, at first someone shouted, let Go of the girl, and for the next 35 minutes, no one was there to save her. She kept calling for help until she died. The point was that in those 35 minutes, 38 people had witnessed the incident, but no one was there to help her, or call 911 for her. Did you say scary?

Luna: Scary, but why is that?

Mom: Yes, psychology also wants to know why, it is natural to help others, how can so many people see it for so long, but no one has come forward.Is it because the people who live in big cities are too indifferent, or what is the reason?

Luna: Oh~ What is the explanation for psychology?

Mom: Some psychologists have hypothesized that it's the sheer number of witnesses to the violence that makes individuals less willing to intervene and offer help.

Luna: Why do more people help less people? What happened to the power of numbers?

Mom: Because when there are many people, they spread the responsibility to others, thinking that others will help. If everyone thinks so, it will become no one to help.

Luna: Why? Even if someone else helps, he can help him himself.

Mom: on the one hand, it's possible that he thinks someone else may have helped him solve it, so he doesn't have to do it again. On the other hand, he will think that if others did not help, he did not help, afterwards will not feel so guilty, he put this guilt on the head of everyone, his guilt is not so big. There is another possibility, sometimes people do not go to help, and you go to help, will worry about whether they seem a little silly. .



Luna: Well, you know about it, not anyone else

Mom: Yes, and I'm not sure I can be proactive every time. Because experiments have proved that for their own not familiar with the uncertain things, it is often easy to hesitate. And it has something to do with everyone's personality. Extroverts are more likely to be proactive, while shy people are more likely to hesitate. I think I'm rather introverted and shy.

Luna: What About Me?

Mom: I Don't know how you are in school, but I heard that you seem to be very active in your recent campaign. It seems that you are a warm-hearted child. I hope you can keep your positive and outgoing, don't be bound by silly ideas. Just do what you think is right. Having said all that, if I asked you now if someone needed help, would you do it?

Luna: Well, I think I'll judge the situation, and if I can help myself, I'll help directly.If I have limited abilities, I have to seek help from others.

Mom: That's a good idea. Ok, that's enough psychology for today.