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Delete NPM package delete node delete development dependency, delete front-end project dependency, delete node dependency

2023-02-28 04:17:09

我总是忘记这个包 npkill , 然后每次都得去百度查一次, 浪费时间, 所以记录一下上代码, 这个包可以在目录路径下去查找所有的node_modules, 空格就可以删除对应的node_modules文件夹了// 在你想要删除的目标路径

I always forget the NPKILL and have to go to Baidu to check it every time. It's a waste of time, so make a note of it

On the code, this package can find all node_modules in the directory path, and the space can delete the corresponding node_modules folder

At the destination path location you want to delete, open a terminal (enter cmd in the destination path address bar, or some other way), type npx npkill

Then you adjust the selection up and down, the space will delete the corresponding folder, just give it a little time, I think he deleted quite good, of course, there are other terminal commands online, I may prefer him