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Peace of mind is better than peace of mind.

2023-02-28 04:16:24

Our life is like a cup of tea in the hands of the master, the moment and the soil into one, so short time, life some boring little things, what is worth our time to be angry?



As to relax the heart, quietly lingered in the flowers, the fragrance of flowers intoxicated you, butterflies can not help but quietly close to you.

Wide Eyes can tolerate the world, heart can tolerate the world. Willing to get, put down will be peaceful, heart will be happy.

The rich businessman kept a parrot, can listen to people, Naruto language, especially endearing. One day when the rich merchant was going out, he ordered his servant to take good care of the parrot.

Who knows, a few days after the rich merchant left, the parrot contracted the disease and died.The servant thought that his life was not necessarily worth the parrot, and was very afraid that the rich merchant would punish him when he returned.

But after the merchant came back, did not mention the parrot's death, the servant was glad, but also a trace of unknown, after all, this is the merchant's favorite parrot AH.

The rich merchant smiled and said, "I don't raise parrots to get angry.”

A simple sentence, but it expresses an attitude towards life with a heart as wide as the sea.

In the same way, we don't study to be angry, we don't work to be angry, we love each other not to be angry, we don't live to be angry...

Life, the most important thing is to make clear the true meaning of life, live a true self.

Life is meant to be happy and happy. But many people are so blinded by all kinds of negative emotions that they are unhappy all the time.

As the heart to relax a little, put down those unhappy things, with a broad heart joy forward.

A young man is often angry about trivial things.

One day he went to a master for advice and told him about his troubles.

The master shook his head, poured his tea on the floor, and shut the young man in the room.

The young man looked at the tea sprinkled on the ground, slowly into the earth, and then evaporated by the air, become invisible.

Suddenly Epiphany, to the master worship and worship.

Our life is like the cup of tea in the hands of the master, and in an instant it becomes one with the earth, the time is so short, some boring little things in life, where is it worth our time to be angry?

When sad, instead of being sentimental, it is better to go out and wander and wait for it to shine another village.

When depressed, instead of being depressed, it is better to ask friends to drink tea and play chess, a cup to clear the lungs, and leave a fragrance in dreams.


People in this life, live is the mood, happy is a day, unhappy is a day, if you broad-minded, life is sweet, if you struggle, life is like chewing wax.

Be a smart person, big things look small, small things look light, heart width an inch, wide road, if you are small as the eye of a needle, you can not walk out of the obstacles set by yourself, if you are broad as the sea, the mind can always accept rivers.

An old couple, who have been married for more than forty years, are still in love, and there are few quarrels.

Asked why, the wife said, “When I first got married, I wanted to write down my husband's 10 faults. I could forgive him for any of them in the future.

But I thought about it for a long time, but I couldn't come up with 10 shortcomings, and then I simply didn't write out these 10 shortcomings specifically.

For more than forty years, whenever my husband did something wrong and made me angry, I reminded myself that this incident was one of the 10 mistakes I could forgive.”

Heart if care, everywhere have complaints; heart if relaxed, always is spring.

This is true between husband and wife, it can be true between friends, and it can be true for everything in the world.


All mountains in a single glance?

Li Baihuaicai did not meet, but wrote, "Born I will be useful, and the thousands of gold will be scattered and come back."”

The white-clothed dogs are overturned, and the vicissitudes of the sea have changed several times.

Nine times out of ten, if you are always sad because of this, life is not sunny days?

As the heart to relax a bit, some things, can not do, unapologetic heart is good; some people, can not stay, two do not owe on the line.

Forced, provoke resentment, calculation, sadness and attention, it is better to laugh it off and face it with a normal heart.

Spring has flowers, autumn has month, summer has cool breeze, winter has snow; if there is nothing to worry about, it is a good time in the world.

Peace of mind makes all things self-satisfied, and Vientiane's differences come into being when the heart is moved.

The troubles of life are not imposed on you by the outside world, but come from your heart. It's not someone else who bothers you, it's you who bothers yourself.

The heart is broad, not tangled in love, not entangled in people, can be hidden in the city, can be silent in the noise, control desire flood, prevent bad habits breeding, calm, peace of mind, self-improvement, is the most complete state of life.

My Heart is as big as the sea, Momofuku has come.