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Beat yourself in the mouth

2023-02-28 04:15:44

3. At the beginning of last year, I said that I would complete the beginner volume of Standard Japanese and the first and second volumes of New Concept English and read 100 books in 2018.


It was said before that the other half of the looking must not be plump; Now she never allows me to look at the measurements when she weighs them.Of course, when I first met her, she was quite slim.

Maybe I have the potential to be a pig farmer. I think.

I beat myself up.


I used to say that my kid can participate in any physical exercise besides football; Now this kid says that he doesn't go to any sports except football.

I looked at the chubby little man with his belly sticking out of the street and thought, if I don't let him exercise soon, I'll be able to fatten up a second world-class weight pig and have to nod in agreement.

I went back on my word.



I smacked my face.


When I was in middle school, there was a piece written by Zang Kejia's "Mr. Wen Yiduo's Words and Actions", and there are a few passages that are still fresh in my memory:

"People say and do it, I do it and say it.”

"People don't necessarily do what they say, and I don't necessarily say what I do.”

He didn't say it first, but he did it. Have made outstanding achievements. To say what is done and not to say what is done is only one aspect of Mr Wen Yiduo -- as a scholar.

He "said" and followed by "do".It's no longer "do and say" or "do and don't necessarily say".He "said" and "did".


This year, with Mr. Wen Yiduo as the guiding light, we will really implement the policy of "do what you say", and the goal can be set a little smaller, but you can no longer beat yourself up, you must do it, and no longer set up a flag!