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The one riding the white horse is not necessarily the prince, but it can also be Feng Shaofeng, who married Zhao Liying.

2023-02-28 04:15:34

The daughter's kingdom has the best of both worlds, and does not live up to the introspection, and reflects on all the hearts that damage the Brahma practice, has never been so clever, and I have suffered from suffering, and I have gone west, how you are red, how to erase your figure, just like forgetting my name, saying what kings are powerful and wealthy, afraid of what precepts and rules, the heart loves me a thousand times, quickly take me away, what good and evil mercy, wait for what hope to pass through the autumn water, let the next life wither into ashes, for this life and

Two days ago to search other songs, in the following list brought out the feelings of a daughter. In the comments, I saw a lot of love for the Queen and Xuanzang.

The relationship between the Supreme Treasure and Zixia that he once sighed, so the conflict between the mission and love in the past and the future, and the feelings that made people feel broken and sighed.In fact, there is a feeling that a rebel is helplessly shackled and goes against his heart.Passive choice, forced by the situation.

His intention was to love, but the consequence was that he would still lose the person he loved.So because I love her, I chose to put on a golden hoop and forget her, which has made people feel infinitely embarrassed.This story has also become the most classic bridge of love in Chinese films with Xing Ye's 10,000-year confession.

Carefully thinking about the feelings of the Tang monk and his daughter King, a person who already understands responsibility, has a mission and faith, encounters an almost irresistible feeling on the way forward.

One comment that particularly touched me, I met countless women in the 9981 disaster, they only wanted to eat my flesh for eternal life, some said they loved me, but they just wanted my ninth life.There is only one person, and she is going to exchange her rivers and mountains for me to stay for her.

The final ending song of the daughter country performed by Zhang Liying and Feng Shaofeng, which I like to listen to, is rewritten by the combination of Cangyang Gyatso's poem and the old version of daughter's love.


The world can have it both ways. Tathāgata can have it both ways

It is never so wise to reflect on one's heart as on one's practice

I have suffered and I have traveled west, and you have fallen into the city



My Heart Loves Me a thousand times, take me away

What good and evil are merciful, and what is waiting for is looking through the autumn water

Let the next life wither into ashes, and be with you in this life

Journey to the West: Daughter's Country


I should have erased your figure in my heart, because as a monk, I just don't have a lay name.

But who's it for? Can he really forget that he is the son of the Chen Family? So, no.

With Sun Wukong and Zixia's feelings, not do not want to rebel, but no choice different, Xuanzang and the Queen's love is like the middle-aged people know that love can not, because too clearly can only faint through. In fact, than the young love had laughed too painful, the moment gently put down is the love of this life, that love more heavy pressure in the heart of the deep.

Cloud village high praise comment: that year. He left his daughter's country. She was laughing and crying in front of the officials. He shouted at his back, “Tang Xuanzang, will you marry me in your next life?”. At sunset. White riding on a white horse. His expression could not be seen in the dust. The monk said nothing... Only the noise of the wind . This year. He passed away. A Thousand Buddhas chanting sutras... Thousands of dynasties. When he left, he just smiled and left a strange“Good”.

Karen Mok, who plays Bai Jingjing and Zixia, and Athena Chu, both had a relationship with master Xing, but both ended in failure. Each became a good couple, leaving only grandmaster Bao with a white head.

He knew it was just two actors, but he was touched to see Feng Shaofeng marry Zanilia Zhao.

Please, must be happy, OH, no matter whether you past life is not, it is to the story of the two an account, see you sweet, slightly make up for that a heartache.