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Pet Cemetery

2023-02-28 04:15:09

Feifei is a teddy dog, small in body, wrapped in a brand new white velvet blanket, they bought the most expensive fir box, and Ms. Zhuang slowly put Feifei in.

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Many friends once suggested that I use the land I bought for other purposes, "This business is not lucky...", they said, "Isn't it good for an old person to invest money in doing something prosperous?" ”

Actually, I don't think so. As they say, we are all old people, and we have been to the places where our friends and relatives have settled down after their return. In those graveyards under the stones, some buried a sincere friendship, but also some, buried the pain and drifting. But I here is different, sleeping in the small animals, without exception have loved them, they live surrounded by happiness, after leaving, always be loved by their people miss. I like to be close to their souls, which makes me feel soft and peaceful all the time, and at my age, I know how blessed that is.

Ms. Zhuang came to me yesterday, buried her dog's procedures, reserved the location of the grave, left the inscription ーー“Zhuang Feifei, 1998-2000, the most lovely partner, the best friend.”. She and her husband, Mr. Liang, drove very fragrant here early this morning. Very fragrant, a small teddy dog, was wrapped in a brand-new white fluffy blanket. They bought the most expensive Cedar Box, and Ms. Zhuang slowly put very fragrant inside.

“Can you hurry up? I have an appointment this morning. If you delay any longer, you can call a taxi yourself.”

“You go ahead, then. I want to stay with very fragrant a little longer,” said Mrs. Zhuang, her eyes glittering and her gaze never leaving the FIR box.

Mr. Liang probably didn't expect her to answer so crisply, stunned for a moment, and then got into the driver's seat, "Stupid..." he muttered in a low voice, and the car sped away from the cemetery, a brand new Porsche.

"Ms. Zhuang... The tomb you booked is on the southwest side, please come with me.I whispered.

Ms. Zhuang firmly held the cedar box in her hand, stepped carefully on high heels and stepped up the rows of steps, and the white satchel on her left arm swayed with her steps.She looked to be in her early forties, with some fine wrinkles on her lower eyelids, but her skin was firm, despite the sadness on her face.

"Your sir... It seems that the temper is not very good..." I tried to open the subject.

“Yes, he is ill-tempered... and he doesn't like dogs very much, and the other pets don't like them very much either...”

“No wonder, though. It's not uncommon for people to have different tastes, and he seems to have a lot of work to do...”

“Yes, to support my family, to support me, to make a name for myself...”

“People who are busy with work have a lot on their mind, and when they have a lot on their mind, they tend to be anxious and impatient, which is a common thing...”

Ms. Zhuang did not respond, two people so silently walking on the stone steps, let me feel some embarrassment.

“Very fragrant... twelve years old and not too young. Don't be too sad, it will hurt your health...” I tried to change the subject again.

"It is said that when you are twelve years old, it is inevitable that you will be old... But I always feel that Fifi did not die of a normal death, and I suspect that there is something wrong with what he eats..."

“Are you saying that very fragrant was poisoned?”

“I just had a gut feeling that something was wrong...”

“That's easy. You can go to the vet and confirm it in a minute.”

“Forget it, even if it is poisoned to death, so what... It is better not to know...”

“Since you can open up, that is no good...” I tried to pretend to explain her tone, but my heart felt something tight.


“You've come to see very fragrant so soon... he must be very happy...” I said, with a smile that tried to comfort her.

“Yes... hope it is happy...” the muscle on Madam Zhuang's face relaxed a short while, suddenly, that kind of haze welled up again.

"Actually... I also have a dog at home... The body has not been very good, yesterday, I think it is about to die... Turned out to find it this morning... Not really..." she lowered her head as if to avoid my gaze.

"It's also... Little Teddy? ”

"No, it's a big dog, a Tibetan mastiff, a black Tibetan mastiff, an old dog, and when it barks, it makes a big noise... It's scary to go crazy..." Ms. Zhuang's body seemed to tremble.



“Please leave the inscription...” I handed the pen and paper.

"No need, just erect a stone monument..."

“Name... write it down, or it won't be easy to read...”

"Name? Oh, and its name is... Call... It's called glaring.She quickly wrote it down.

"Zhuang glared...?"

"No, no, no, it's called stare, it's not my last name."”

An old wooden box, dark and slightly faded, with a strong brass fastener. Several ropes and belts tied tightly to the wooden box, and even tightly wound several layers of tape seals. I used a spade to fill the grave with dirt, shovelling it down on the wooden box, making a dull noise, and Mrs. Zhuang was standing behind me the whole time, so I couldn't see her face, for once I didn't mind the long, unbroken silence between us, I could feel her gaze, sharp as a thorn in my back, moving through my body, through the soil, through the layers of the wooden box, like countless poisonous needles fired in unison.

Every week after that, Ms. Zhuang came to see Fei Fei and Gaze as scheduled, but there were always lilies in front of Fei Fei's stele, and the stele in front of Gazing was empty.Later, she didn't even bother to go to the staring place, and when she stood in front of Feifei's tomb, her smile grew more and more, as if she was whispering something with Feifei in her heart.Her complexion is getting better and better, the gloom on her face is swept away, and she also sent me mooncakes made by her own hands during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the night of that Mid-Autumn Festival is very beautiful, I sat at the window of the reception room, while tasting mooncakes, while admiring the bright moon, I couldn't help it... Distantly... A few glances in the direction of the staring tomb...