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2023-02-28 04:14:59


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Lewis and Rachel move to a new home,

Although tired from running all the way,

Although Ellie and Cage were injured just after arriving,


They have a neighbor.


Every day that followed was wonderful.


The story is many, the day passes slowly...

Until Perth came along,

To make me believe,


The rest of the story,

Reminds Me of Resurrection.

The novel is clearer than the television,

Interspersed with some historical legends,

Described... horribly.

Think, close your eyes, cover your ears,

But, the silent and invisible power of words,

Let those who enter the story be afraid,

And I want to read it all the time.

The end of the story,

Each reader will have a different guess.

Stephen King is good at telling stories,

Also a good screenwriter, a good director.