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Russia-Ukraine military conflict, who loses and who wins?

2023-02-28 04:14:54

    The United States has also reaped a full harvest by signing a contract with the European Union to increase natural exports to Europe.

This military conflict between Russia and Ukraine has shaken the world economy, and the pattern is changing. Some countries have much to gain, while others face economic crisis. Here's an analysis:

First, in terms of military equipment

The winner is

Second, oil, gas, coal and other energy

Europe, because it wants to get rid of Russia's energy dependence, desperately inflates the prices of gas, oil, coal, etc

And with Putin's move to peg the rouble to natural gas and anchor it to gold, the rouble has fallen from 120 to 81, meaning the Hubu has returned to its pre-war level, and there is potential for further appreciation. This shows that Russia's domestic economy has basically returned to the pre-war level, financial market stability, for the Russian economic development provides a strong guarantee. Do you think Russia will lose?

By signing a contract with the EU to increase the natural export to Europe, the harvest is also full.

Just saw on the Internet that Middle Eastern oil tycoons are dancing happily to music in the hall

The losers are the EU's member states

Europe wants to get rid of its excessive dependence on Russian energy, and is afraid that Russia will take the initiative to cut off oil and gas exports.In Europe, natural gas, oil, and coal were speculated, especially natural gas, from a unit price of $900 before the war to nearly $4,000, nearly quadrupled.

Part of Russia's natural gas exported to Europe is used by citizens, and more is used industrially, such as power generation is provided by clean energy natural gas, so the price of electricity in Europe has also increased significantly.

The cost of living for European citizens has risen sharply, and living standards have fallen sharply.

Some citizens in Europe are reported to be hoarding wood for next winter.

Do those politicians in the EU want to live by drinking the northwest wind in order to uphold the so-called values? In the end, I'm afraid even the bottoms were lost.


Third, food

The winner is Russia

Russia and Ukraine are the world's two biggest grain exporters, accounting for nearly a third of world wheat exports alone. The vast majority of these exports go to EU countries.

Today, Ukraine's food exports have plummeted due to the war, with pessimistic estimates that they could fall as much as 50 percent.

Some time ago, the Russian Navy impounded a number of grain ships bound for Europe, is to put further pressure on Europe.

Subsequent reports reported that Russia intends to settle the purchase of grain in the EU as well, in rubles.

Russia has a granary, the hands of Grain Heart Calm, sit on the winner's seat.

The loser is also the EU

Within the EU, the Food self-sufficiency ratio is now only 93% in Germany, with the exception of the French, who Food self-sufficiency ratio 121% . Other members are even less self-sufficient. Even if France had surplus food, it could not afford the whole EU anyway.

How much did the EU lose in the Russian-ukrainian military conflict? What have you got? Don't you have a plan? Is this what happens when you listen to America?