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Toward a cemetery repair, rong three gongs, en two cemeteries relocation, Yongqing cemetery worship table renovation brief (the end of the Volume Annex VI)

2023-02-28 04:14:44

In the autumn of 2014, Lu Xiaoming was responsible for the construction of a worship platform at a cemetery, with a total investment of eleven thousand Yuan under the branches of En 1, en 2 and EN 3.


On January twenty-one, 2015, the three coffins in the joint tomb at wing sam-kung and yan-yee cemeteries were moved to the first floor of Siu Wan Nao Cemetery. A new stone tablet. Take Grace two public and Chen Bi Joint Tomb 11 coffins moved to the second floor of Xiaowanao Cemetery. A new stone tablet. Lu Xiaoming is responsible for the construction of the relocation project. Funds were raised by the Enyi Public Branch, the Enyi Public Branch and the Xia Hu Shan Reservoir Agency.

In the winter of 2016, the tomb of Yongqing, the fifth-generation ancestor of Yangsi Village, was completed. New engraved stone tablets, Chinese watches. In 2019, a section of heavy rain collapsed, and in winter, they raised funds to carry out renovations. Cost Co-ordination Chen Weidong. Yongqinggong Six Rooms Qingming ancestor worship surplus of 2965 yuan, received donations 10550 Yuan, according to the current per capita income of 50 yuan total 28200 Yuan. A total of 41,715 yuan, all used for the renovation of the first cemetery altar, wing three public en two cemetery relocation, Yongqing public altar. A new headstone for the ninth generation of ancestors.

Attached is the announcement table of each room's equivalent funds:


Yuqiu Gong is in charge of Chen Jinfu, Chen Heping and Chen Lixiang. Population, 199, receives 9950 Yuan and donates 7950 yuan, totaling 17900 yuan.

Yu Bin Gong is responsible for Chen Liquan and Chen Huadong, with a population of 99 and a collection of 4950 yuan.

Yuxuan was in charge of Chen Weidong, population 46, receiving 2300 yuan, donating 500 yuan, totaling 2800 yuan.

The Duke of Yujiao is in charge of Chen Lixiang, with a population of 77 and a charge of 3850 yuan.


The balance over the calendar year was 2965 yuan.

The tomb inscription of the fifth ancestor Yongqing Cemetery:

The number of people in the Ming and Qing dynasties today,

Lu River Yang Si root and seedlings.

My dear Zhu Hu,

The surname Lu Chen has a wonderful origin.

God-given ancestor rides the bull,

The three cycles of the rock compose the spring and autumn.

The share of fifty is also a qiu,

Xianda donated to the Qihou Show.

Condensing the spirit of the nation,

Revitalize the national flag lead.

The tide breaks the waves,

Only the water grows and its roots are deep.

United States:

Looking back at Nanyue Qiancheng sleeping cow Wangu,

Carrying Lu Chen's vein, De Xing Bai Shi.