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The pressure of foreign trade is prominent, the internal circulation of the economy is becoming more and more important, and consumption has become the only way out

2023-02-28 04:13:49

Now in this situation, if you want to rely on enterprises to spontaneously increase the income level of employees, it is unlikely, and companies that do not lay off employees are already good enterprises, so this is why some people say that it is better to give money to everyone than to build big infrastructure.

Recently, the foreign trade situation has been grim.

A large number of foreign trade orders lost!

Opinions vary on this point, and many people have different feelings from different dimensions.


In fact, the real situation of trade, in addition to official data, the most direct reflection is to look at the port freight situation.

At the moment, the number of empty containers at the major ports is becoming more and more.

According to Port of Shanghai's official figures, Port of Shanghai's container throughput 20233.8 m teus in January, down 12 per cent from a year earlier. Port operators say many of the empty containers have been dumped in Taicang because there are so many.

“We haven't seen anything like this in years.”

Even more dramatic than Port of Shanghai is the shenzhen-based Yantian port. According to statistics, the number of empty containers at Yantian port has reached the highest level since March 2020. If the number of empty containers continues to increase, it will break the largest accumulation of empty containers in the port's 29-year history.

Dock workers at the Yantian Port Said they had never seen anything like it, and empty ships were lining up outside the port waiting to be loaded.

While January is traditionally the off-season, with empty containers piling up at China's major ports for the coming export season, it has never been like this, the mountains of empty containers let people see the heart panic.

Also uncertain and flustered are laid-off workers and small business owners.

It is clear to all that China's foreign trade may be falling faster than expected.




As early as 2020, the state proposed to“Gradually form a major domestic cycle, domestic and international double cycle of mutual promotion of the new development pattern.”

There are two main lines of economic internal circulation, namely investment and consumption.The situation has become more and more obvious, and vigorously developing the internal circulation of the economy has become the focus of current economic work.

If the internal circulation is done well, China's economy will become more and more active, and if the internal circulation is not smooth or stagnant, there will be an economic crisis.In fact, looking at the economic crises around the world, it is not difficult to find that there are no more than two reasons.

One is the lack of investment in production!

One is insufficient consumption capacity!


In the fight against under-investment in production!

We are now vigorously printing money and releasing water to ensure that investment drives the production of industrial enterprises through the development of large infrastructure and real estate, while maintaining employment.

In the fight against insufficient spending power!


In the face of this, while we can exploit other countries' markets through “Belt and Road”, the main way to fill the gap created by the recession in the US and Europe is to rely on the domestic market, this is the most reliable market.


Therefore, the central task of China's economic development has become how to boost domestic consumption.

The problem is that the Chinese have always been poor consumers.

This is not to say that when the state calls on consumers to save the Chinese economy, everyone responds enthusiastically and takes out their wallets to spend vigorously.

This is unrealistic!

If you want Chinese people to consume, you must improve the consumption power of ordinary people.


Now, in this situation, it is not possible to rely on enterprises to raise the income level of their employees on their own initiative. Enterprises that do not lay off workers are already good enterprises, so this is also why some people say that, the main reason why it is better to give people money than to build a big infrastructure.


Straightforward, we get issued coupons are going to buy things to promote the establishment of internal circulation.

This matter has been done in Europe and the United States, and it has indeed had an effect.

However, it is not long-term, and compared with large infrastructure and real estate, the side effects are not small, and inflation is easy to occur, so the state is quite cautious about this.

That's not gonna work!

If you want everyone to consume, you can only work hard in the second aspect, that is, find ways to reduce the burden of ordinary people's lives.

What are the main burdens of ordinary people's lives?

To put it simply, there are several mountains, respectively, housing, health care, old-age care, children's education and so on.

These areas have also been the focus of reform in recent years!

A lot of reform measures have been introduced, but the effect of the reform is not too satisfactory, it does not grasp the core of the problem, and it is necessary to give more benefits to the people and further improve everyone's well-being, in order to truly solve these mountains.

After these mountains are removed, everyone can consume with peace of mind, and when everyone starts to consume, the internal cycle of the economy can really be established.

So, it's pretty obvious!

At present, the central task of economic development is to establish internal circulation, which focuses on improving the consumption capacity of ordinary people. There are two ways to increase the consumption capacity, namely, to increase the income of residents, to solve the burden of housing, medical care, old-age care, children's education and so on. We should work around it.

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