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As a female to the game, “To shine in the name of the style of what features.”

2023-02-28 04:13:29

Enough costume styles to ensure the player's outfit needs (image screenshot from the video of the autumn curtain rolling the west wind) If the costume library is the foundation of the dress-up gameplay, then in terms of the pile of materials, "In the Name of Shining" is undoubtedly amazing.

Just last month, the first batch of domestic game 2023 were released, and Zulong Entertainment's self-developed "In the name of Sparkle" was also on the list, this in the overseas word-of-mouth female to the game can finally meet the players at home.

The popular game version number passed, and Zulong Entertainment's stock rose sharply (picture screenshot from Zhitong Financial Network)

On the“In the name of Shining” fame, many players in the previous news has been verified in many ways.



Screenshot of IGN's evaluation video for "In the Name of Shining"

On the one hand, the game got so much praise from the rich content of the game: both the more delicate narrative text of ACG, but also to create their own“Home”, a very rich management and construction system, and build a very good social system.

Players can do this with architectural systems

More importantly, “In the name of Sparkle” in the core of the change of play is not fooling around. From the classical to the modern, from the eastern cheongsam, Hanfu to the western rococo-lolita style and victoria-shaped clothing, you want all in it, free choice, free collocation, players can enjoy their own high-light show.

There are enough clothing styles to ensure the player's clothing needs (image screenshot from the video of the autumn curtain rolling west wind)

If the costume library is the foundation of dress-up gameplay, then in terms of the pile of materials, "In the Name of Shining" is undoubtedly amazing.How to make characteristics on this basis depends on the characteristics of the game art style and whether the tuning of details is different.

As a 3D fashion life game, the art operation of“In the name of Shine” can be roughly divided into two directions, one is the direction of style, such as the overall visual style, fashion design style, color trends, etc. 2 is the personalized treatment of details, such as model details, clothing details, diversified details, etc. . Let's start with the big picture.

First of all, in terms of overall visual style, "In the Name of Shining" is built around fashion and sexiness, whether it is fashion, game interface or promotional graphics.In the wardrobe, there are various styles of fashion, creative face pinching, custom makeup, and different scene styles to take background pictures and actions, allowing players to enjoy their own highlight show.

In the color trend, “In the name of Shine,” the main theme of soft, low saturation of color, the screen color appears more pure; the current style of national dress seems to saturation and contrast is higher, more bright. It is reported that the late will also undertake the desktop or other styles, to create more diversified, more inclusive visual style.


From the overall vision, clothing design style and color style, we have a basic impression of the art style.So, in the engraving of details, what are the surprises of "In the Name of Shining"?

First of all, let's take a look at character modeling, which is not a typical two-dimensional style, and there is no symbolic omitted facial features, but there are more realistic facial features.

The proportion of three courts and five eyes is stable, and the nose wing that is the most taboo in the common beautiful girl's painting style is also depicted, which is what makes "In the Name of Shining" different from other women-oriented games.But if you look closely, you will find that the proportions of the facial features of the character's face model are not real proportions, the most obvious is to enlarge the size of the eyes and reduce the nose wings.

Under such facial feature modeling, players can customize the character's skin color, facial features, makeup, and even the meticulous parts such as lying silkworms, people, and eyelash curls to create their ideal avatar.

Player style image creation

And in the clothing detail processing, “In the name of Shine” has used the frame which the good rack clothing modelling, the waist serves as the visual center. In“In the name of Shine,” many of the costumes are designed with a lot of tightening to accentuate the figure at the center.

And the heavy clothes also show some curves under the effect of the waist tummy, so as not to make the clothing look bulky.

In addition to highlight the highlights of the parts, clothing design also pay special attention to rich small details to enhance the characteristics of different clothing. For example, some skirts will be rich in a variety of personality embellishment effect, some skirts can provide custom pattern rich visual effect; some dresses even have dynamic pattern effect, such as the stars and so on.

A dress has many embellishments, such as flowers, rabbit dolls, strawberries

In addition to adding embellishments, the game will enlarge the design of lace, lace, skirts of pleated skirts and other designs of many costumes, highlight the characteristics of clothing, and do exaggerated artistic treatment on the basis of maintaining realistic and reasonable realism.Even some simple clothing, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, will add many realistic clothing craft designs, such as sequin embroidery, heavy industry bead embroidery, laser laser and so on.

Some clothing will also use some fabric splicing and irregular collars, cuffs and other practices to embellish clothing, or do some asymmetrical clothing to enrich the design of clothing, which often works well and makes up for the monotony of some common clothing.

As for the details of the makeup, the game restores the texture of the skin, including the treatment of blood vessels and pore texture. Based on this, in order to adapt to different clothing styles, it makes a more diverse aesthetic. In the name of Sparkle's differences were reflected in the players' custom makeup, such as lip-biting makeup on the lips, red lips, thick lips from Europe and , double-colored lips, and so on. At the same time can also be used for lip gloss overlay, fog bright surface matte texture adjustment.

As a female gamer, in the name of sparkle provided an eye-catching art style and a high degree of completion. These directions were recognized by players overseas and returned to China, tens of millions of players looking forward to the recent test of the popularity of the dark horse potential. (text/meatballs)