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Men fall in love with feet 3 days younger sister, marriage proposal can not be a slap in the face

2023-02-28 04:13:19

The story of him and her begins on the day the man paid his salary, he worked in a factory and lived a simple life every day, and one day, he paid his salary, and his friend took him to Bazu City to relax.

A man falls in love with a foot-washing sister in 3 days, propose not to become from slap, meet the male that crazily pursues, how can you do?

A Guangdong Man with a bouquet of flowers knelt down to propose,

W: We're just friends. Marriage is out of the question.

Why are you so stubborn, why don't you try,

F: I'm not for you, you really don't want this.

M: If I do something wrong, I slap myself.Suiji really hit.

The woman saw this man so behavior, scared back to the city, the man in situ silently waiting.

He and her

The story begins on the day the man was paid his wages. He worked in a factory and lived a simple life every day

One day, when he was getting paid, his friend took him to foot bath city to relax.

The girl who helped him wash his feet had a gentle voice and good looks. When chatting with him, he felt if she had taken a fancy to him, and then asked for his sister's wechat.



In that case, I'd like to say:

If you are a footbath girl, do not get too close to their clients, but also do not for their own business, behavior become intimate. This will let others easily misunderstood, handled improperly will encounter a lot of trouble

If you're just a client, don't talk too much with the foot-washing girls, because they just want you to wash your feet more and increase your income, and nothing else.