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Snowball fights

2023-02-28 04:12:59

My Son, who had been playing in the snow when we arrived downstairs, said immediately.

This is the first snow since the beginning of winter!

"Mom, shall we have a snowball fight?" Just arrived downstairs, and the son who was playing in the snow downstairs immediately said.

“It's not convenient to have a snowball fight. Let's go to Zhanhe and find a suitable place to have a snowball fight.” I looked around and said. Began to go the direction of Zhanhe, son also follow.

“They are using buckets to make a model for learning, you play with them.” saw a few children playing with snow.


“Some time ago to see the wax plum blossom, what is it like in the snow? was covered with snow, revealing some yellow, appear more charming”? Think as you walk. Soon saw the wax plum flower, no snow on the flowers, remnants of the leaves covered with some snow, white snow against the yellow flowers, flowers really bright a lot.

Keep walking and soon we reach Zhanhe.

"Mom, look at my villain, give me my phone to take a picture of him and Snow.My son said to me as he put his beloved little Jenga man on the snow.

"Let's have a snowball fight. You talked about snowball fights in Zhanhe.After taking photos, my son said.

“Walk forward again, look at the osmanthus in the snow.” I continued to walk forward. He was hit by a snowball thrown by his son.

“It is like a flower! Look at the osmanthus in the snow.” I walked forward, close to smell. The sweet-scented osmanthus in winter is short of the fragrance of the sweet-scented osmanthus in August.

"Take a picture. Rare osmanthus flowers, rare snow scenes.He handed his son his phone.

"Let's have a snowball fight." After taking photos, my son still remembered the snowball fight.

"Okay." As soon as I agreed, a snowball hit me off guard.

I also bent over the ball, we started snowball fight. You Come and go, some hit the body, some easily escaped. Leaving behind our happy laughter.

“It's snowing heavily, let's go back.” We go back, the red leaves are getting redder. Some children are skiing on the slopes. The child who had been playing with the snow had built a snowman. An old man passing by was still praising the children.

"I finished my homework and we continued to have snowball fights at night.When he got home, his son volunteered.

“Well, you finish your homework and we'll go.” I naturally agreed.

My son does his homework, I do the above.