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The real story of abstract school: Out of the low point of life

2023-02-28 04:11:04

······ In this way, I walked with it for a while, and it was clear that I was it, it was me, and its goal of "survival" and "making money" made even I ignore the "hardship" that came again and again.


In the past 60 days, I have walked a night road in my life, sliding against the wind and climbing out against the wind! And it lasted for a long, long time at the bottom of the valley, in addition to constantly resisting gravity and wind to climb out, but also to deal with unguarded emotions, long-term overdraft physiological discomfort.It's the darkest time.

I entered a war of self-help, and every time "hardship" hit, willpower would repeat the words: there is always a task in the head, there is always an enemy in the eyes, there is always a responsibility on the shoulder, and there is always passion in the chest.War can break out at any time, are you ready?

In this way, "hardship" hit again and again, and I was forced to retreat again and again.

I thought I could persevere until the moment of overcoming the "hardship" and do this 100,000 urgent things every day.But the story is not so simple, on the way I picked up another project, a start-up project of an entrepreneurial team, I saw at a glance that the current goal of this project is "survival" and "making money", I began to carry it forward to overcome my own "hardship", the original intention was to divert attention from the "hardship" itself.But after picking it up, I was bound to the project, I was fully immersed, I seemed to become itself, my time was all established its time, and the goal of existence became "survival" and "making money".In fact, it could have had nothing to do with such a goal.


So I Walked with it for a period of time, I was it, it is me, it“Survival” and“Make money” goals so that even I missed a time to come a“Hard”.

But there comes a time when the choice between living and fighting, no doubt“Living”, also means abandoning it, pulling it from myself and throwing it into the wind, too late to say goodbye..

It was a relief to get rid of it, the same headwinds and climbs were as light as ever, and I walked alone through the last of the troughs, slowly crawling out covered in blood


No matter what it is, you need to rely on your own strength to come out of the trough to win, and it is also...

“There is always a task in the mind, an enemy in the eye, a duty on the shoulder and a passion in the chest. Are You Ready for War?” Late at night I challenged this“Nadir of darkness,” Hope it can feel, get the power to be me

Even if it's a "project", if you don't owe each other, how can we meet?

You may just owe me that you came to me in the darkest hour.

I am sorry and ashamed of you, but I deserve it