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July 20 - Li Zicha - clearance of customs households

2023-02-28 04:10:54

If the customer is a cash deposit, choose cash, enter the cash amount and the number of months, and select the corresponding code below (Dingyibao 5955, 1.2 times 5904) 3. Pay attention to the personal periodic deposit certificate (ceremonial deposit certificate) number displayed on the pop-up dialog box, find the corresponding deposit certificate in your own empty box for subsequent printing4. Let the customer set the password by himself, at this time, you need to enter two

Just settle customs clearance accounts (if customers have hard cards, try to guide them to handle them at smart counters);


1.3260 brush fold entry

2. Ask the customer which to sell, pay attention to select currency and sub-account category, enter the serial number, point trial calculation

3. Select the trial calculation, inform the customer of the amount of principal and interest, and ask whether the customer continues to exist

4. Access is by password and submission is sufficient

5. More than 5W settlement will trigger the collection grant, at this point PIDM G04002(show this regular one-book account) a copy of the title page, the client portrait (not necessary) you want to settle the amount (not necessary) can be

6. Print TY04, if the amount is more than 2W, you need to be issued with money after the approval of the teacher's seal, and to the customer's signature

Multiple closing (more than two in the book)


• Brush the fold into

• Remember to select the account type, then select cash, only settle (if the customer has a card, choose transfer, only settle to the customer's own card), choose to renew the deposit

• Select all strokes

• If you have a card, swipe it at the transfer account below and select the account type

• Submit it, the amount is greater than 5W will trigger the collective grant, at this time, cut PIDM G04002 (show this regular one-pass account) a pass-through title page customer avatar (not required) those few transactions you want to settle

• Print out TY05 for the client to sign

Certificate of deposit account opening

1. Document Examination and completion of form as above




5. Call the approved teacher to review, and then let the customer confirm the information

6. After submission, print the deposit certificate, then print two TY05 sheets, and sign the TY05 to the customer

7. Remind customers that even if the automatic rollover written above, it is best to move it when it expires, otherwise it will be rolled over according to the lowest interest rate

Settlement of Certificates of Deposit (Account Cancellation)

1. If the customer has a hard card, it is best to guide him to settle at the smart counter (I want to take it regularly).

2.3060 Cleared

• Enter the account number on the certificate of deposit (upper left corner, not the certificate of deposit number)

• A clear choice of currency and sub-account category

• type of voucher select individual time deposit certificate (courtesy deposit certificate) , enter the voucher number (lower right-hand digit of the certificate, the first letter of the certificate also needs to be entered) , and access method select password

• Clear the trial balance and inform the client of the principal and interest

• 提交即可

3. If the amount is greater than 5W, the remote will be triggered, at this time, cut off PIDM G04002 (display this certificate of deposit account number) this certificate of deposit customer avatar (not required).

Four. Here is a special reminder, settlement must look at the amount of their own trunk enough, if not enough is not enough to do


Passbook (no current account will be opened from December 1,2016)(this is a regular passbook)



2. Let the customer fill in the account opening application form (if it is the first time to open an account, you also need to write a tax-related certificate, and the minor will open a regular copy with my last note process)

• 开户申请单

o 姓名

o Mobile phone number: Ask the customer whether the customer is a real-name mobile phone number, if so, write "My real-name mobile phone number-" above the mobile phone number and ask the customer to sign at the horizontal line (if the respective outlets have different practices, your outlets shall prevail)

o 联系电话:若客户无本人实名制手机号,则将其手机号码填写到这个栏位

o 地址为*住址,需要具体到号,也可写工作地址,必须具体到号

o 工作单位:让客户写大于等于四个字的工作单位名称

O check the regular one-book pass to see if the account is a class one account (in principle, a person can only have one class one account, four class two households, but not social security card and other special cards)

O all other required asterisks must be checked

• Go to G04002 to see if the client is a new client (you have never had a client number with US) while filling in the form. If you need to fill in a tax certificate, see my last note for details

O if the customer is a new customer

• G04001 creates customers

 Choose the customer's name (be sure not to choose the previous customer)

Confirm that the customer's personal information is complete (compare it to the account opening form)(call the approving teacher at this point and ask him/her to check it and then click submit, then need to approve the teacher's authorization)

The tax declaration elects only Chinese tax residents

This customer number is created after the submission is complete

• 核心储蓄产品中选刷折,刷一下新的定期一本通

• Product type 5516 regular one-book master account, product subcategory 0611 passbook master account

• After submitting, select Faced, account purpose savings, click submit, authorization is required at this time

• Let the customer set a password, you need to enter it twice, it is best to deposit a sum of money first

• You can also open a new account on a regular basis. The basic process is basically just opening a new account under a small triangular selection card next to your card number

Account closure

The whole passbook is gone

1. Before closing the account, ask the customer if they have * (eg. have you ever signed up for a fund, wealth management account, etc. ? have any funds not yet arrived? Have you tied up a credit card for automatic payment? Cell Phone Bank? Text Message Notification? Withhold water, electricity and coal?) , and to retain the customer (if a type of life free annual fee do not have to be written off, and so on)

2. If the customer insists on selling it, let him first sell the * of the electronic channel at the smart counter, and then go to the counter for operation.

• If a customer has other cards with our bank, cancel the * and report the loss directly to the smart counter

• 若客户无其他卡

o 若其绑定信用卡自动还款等功能,则需用60720走集授销掉

•60720 enter the customer number and click submit

• The client's various contracts will be displayed after entering the room * and will be cancelled in turn. You will need to see the voucher prompt when passing the collection, and if necessary, you will need to approve the teacher to write a situation note

Four. G04003 after the sale of a clean account, the need for customers to lose