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What kind of thinking do you belong to

2023-02-28 04:10:24

Not flexible, perhaps in a persistent Walk the Line to reach the other side, but also easy to allow themselves into a dead end.

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Today saw the thought type analysis article, thought some interesting.


For example, straight people tend to think in unisex, calm people tend to think in unisex, and wise people tend to think in multiple ways.

Monistic thinking is causal reasoning, because a so B.

The figurative metaphor of monistic thinking: a person with a hammer in his hand sees the world like a nail.

Not flexible, perhaps in a persistent Walk the Line to reach the other side, but also easy to allow themselves into a dead end.


If you love your career, you may be able to achieve success in your career, but at the same time, you will lose a lot of happiness and leisure. If you only want leisure and simple life, it is very likely that you can only live a common life, there will be no fame and fortune. To put it simply, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

There is nothing else in life, that is, you are constantly making various choices, no matter what you choose, there will inevitably be negative results, and it will inevitably bring negative results.

Like I encounter a dilemma, rely on throwing coins to fool their own people, can only be said to be fun, because they will not really believe.


Multi-thinking, belong to the enlightened, insight of the wise.

For example, Shenxiu's enlightenment is: It is a Bodhi tree, and the mind is like a mirror, and you should always be diligent in wiping so as not to cause dust.

In Huineng's Epiphany, there is no tree in the Bodhi tree, nor a mirror, nor a stage.

They want to express the same thing, but their realm is different, before and after the high level can be seen.

This is related to whether the thinking is pluralistic.



When we enter the state of pluralistic thinking, we can highlight systematicness, integrity and dynamic, without being ossified by the existing experience.

I evaluate myself, 30% monistic thinking, 50% binary thinking, 20% multi-thinking.The key is that the vision is not broad enough, the thinking is not deep enough, and the knowledge is not rich enough.

Accumulation, adaptation, transformation!