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Then visit the summer palace

2023-02-28 04:10:04

The boat was driven by my grandson and granddaughter in turn, and we took a round trip around Kunming Lake to see the coastal scenery. It was really charming and relaxing!

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The Summer Palace, the Imperial Garden of the Qing Dynasty, was formerly known as Summer Palace. It is located in the western suburbs of Beijing, 15km from the city. The park covers an area of 3.009 square kilometers, about three-quarters of the water, and the Yuanmingyuan adjacent. It is based in Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill, based on the West Lake in Hangzhou, and drawing on the design techniques of Jiangnan Gardens to build a large-scale landscape garden. It is the most complete preservation of a Royal Palace Royal Garden, known as the“Royal Garden Museum.”. The Summer Palace is listed as the national five-a scenic spots.

On July 31st, the last day of July, we visited the summer palace in Beijing again.


I have been to the Summer Palace three times.

The first time I visited the summer palace was in 1987, when I came to Beijing to study. I was accompanied by my second sister, Liu Qi, who worked in the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and my nephew, Jiang Ke. I saw all the imperial garden buildings in the summer palace.

The second time is the summer of 2007, my daughter and son-in-law accompanied us and granddaughter, a total of five people to visit the summer palace in Beijing. She was only six years old.

The third time was in early 2014, when my daughter took us and our grandson to visit the Summer Palace.That time, because my wife, and grandson were going to study abroad with my daughter, all four of us needed visas to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.After applying for a visa to go abroad, we came to the Summer Palace again.My grandson was only two and a half years old at that time.






From the West Gate, you must take a large boat to the island in the middle of the lake. From the West Gate Pier, we took a boat across the Kunming Lake River to the other side of the park.

Kunming Lake, an important scenic spot in the Summer Palace, accounts for three-quarters of the park's area. All the royal buildings in the park are located around Kunming Lake. Scenic spots in the southeast, more dense ancient buildings, the northwest slightly sparse scenery.


To the north-west of Kunming Lake lies the broad lotus pond, near the shore. At this time, it was the blooming season of the lotus pond along the coast. The graceful red lotus and its bud stuck their heads high and peered through the thick layers of large green lotus leaves, self-appreciation of green leaves foil safflower charming. The lotus pond is really beautiful.



Today, the weather is particularly muggy and hot.Let's find a shady place to cool off and wait for the boat.I took advantage of this spare time to go on a solo tour.

I pass through Wenchang Pavilion and get a closer look at Longevity Hill, Buddha incense pavilion. But I can't risk going to Longevity Hill, let alone the pavilion of Buddha incense. Also did not visit the long corridor painted beams carved pillars heritage and landscape, because time is too limited.

So in the limited time, I quickly visited the nearby Summer Palace Museum. I only went into the porcelain museum and the two museums where the ancient treasures are on display. I walked around in a hurry. I took a lot of photos, and I will enjoy them when I get home.

We have less than ten minutes to board. I hurried to where the children were waiting for the boat.

We waited in line for a few more minutes. At about 11:00 noon, we boarded our own six-person electric boat. The boat was driven by my grandson and granddaughter in turn, and we took a round trip around Kunming Lake to see the coastal scenery. It was really charming and relaxing!

The shore willows shade, peach trees full of finger-egg-sized small peach, the shore was full of tourists, some children took off their shoes, bare feet into the shallow water. I felt it was a dangerous act, but their parents didn't stop their children.



At 12:00 noon, we came to the east gate of the summer palace. Visited the Renshou Hall, as well as the hall in front of the bronze kylin statue and birthday stone.

Then cool off under the ancient cypress trees and wait for my aunt here, drive alone outside the west gate and pick us up outside the east gate.


After the tour of the Summer Palace, go to Shangdi Street for lunch at about 1 noon.The children bought hamburger drumsticks and so on at the restaurant, took them to a Sichuan restaurant, and had a gourmet lunch with us.