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Through which gate have you ever entered and exited the Summer Palace?

2023-02-28 04:09:59

Although I have been to the summer palace many times, but the new West Palace Gate and the Southeast Ruyi Gate have never been, today there are some films are also found from the Internet, here to express my gratitude.

Southeast Ruyi door

The The Palace Museum is square and square, and it is a one-way tour route, that is, entering through the Meridian Gate on the south side, leaving through the Xuanwu Gate on the north side, Ming Palace on the east side, and Ming Palace on the west side. Everyone is familiar with it.

In addition to the main gate East Palace Gate, the Summer Palace also has 6 palace gates, everyone knows or heard which doors, and from which gate have you entered and exited the Summer Palace? Today, I will take you to know the 7 palace gates of the Summer Palace.



The third gate, let's talk about the Wenchang Courtyard Gate.This gate, also called the East Side Gate, is not far from the south side of the East Palace Gate (main gate).After entering the door, there are Wenchang Temple, Wenchang Pavilion and Zhichun Pavilion.

The fourth gate we talk about the new palace gate. The new gate is located about 800m south of the East Gate. You can see the bronze bull, the 17-arch bridge to the south and the panoramic view of Kunming Lake Longevity Hill to the north. This door less people, there are 374,437 and 74 buses can reach.



The seventh gate is the northwest Ruyi Gate. This gate in the Summer Palace's northwest corner, many maps are marked as“West Palace Gate”, enter the door can see the six western embankment bridge the northernmost side of the“Boundary Lake Bridge.

Although I have been to the Summer Palace many times, I have never walked through the New West Palace Gate and the Southeast Ruyi Gate, and today some films were also found on the Internet, so I would like to thank you.If I have the opportunity, I will go and shoot some myself and post new pictures.