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Decorate the house to make up your own mind, must not put the cost of a one-time settlement (above)

2023-02-28 04:08:29

The girls took a fancy to our house, but they weren't happy with the stairs, said they had too narrow steps, and they often drank because of their work, i'm afraid I'll fall down the stairs when I go upstairs after drinking too much at night.

This morning, after I finished my DNA test, I went to my new house to clean out the sofa cushions and bedspreads I had cleaned last week. I was contacted by an agent who wanted to see a tenant.

After waiting for some time, the agent finally came with some young people. Three women and a man came to see the house. Listen to the agent said they live in our area, is to help friends look at the house.

The girls immediately took a fancy to my house, but they were not satisfied with the stairs, saying that the steps were too narrow, and they often drank because of work, and they were afraid that if they accidentally stepped on the air when they drank too much at night, they would fall downstairs.A colleague of theirs had experienced this before, so they had higher requirements for stairs.

The agent said that now because of the epidemic, the market is sluggish, there are more empty houses than tenants, and said that they are satisfied in other aspects, just because the stairs are not done well, making people feel that it is not safe to walk, and it is a pity that there is no deal.

Speaking of stairs, I have to talk about the decoration. The last time I decorated a house, I was told that I had to make up my own mind when it came to things. Whether it was looking for a decoration company to decorate or hiring casual workers, I must not settle all the expenses immediately after the completion of the project, must Press a part of the money, otherwise their interests can not be protected!

At that time, there was a parent of a student who worked as a porter who spoke highly of me because I had done a lot to his children, and was very enthusiastic, and enthusiastically gave me some advice and suggestions when I was decorating the house.I am very grateful to him and trust him very much, and because I have not renovated a house and do not understand this business, I listen to him in many things.

Because this house I originally intended to decorate to live in the parents-in-law, so special care about the stairs are easy to walk. I found the ironworker who built the steel structure and the stairs. Before the work began, I went with the ironworker to other owners are renovating the home. I let him measure the size of other people's homes, but also specifically asked him to make the stairs on the basis of other people's width and each step more wide, so that easy to go up and down the stairs.


But when the stairs were finished, I found that the width was just right, but the steps were so steep and narrow that only half a foot could be lowered with each step. Not only is this far from the size I originally requested, but it is also far from the normal width of any other property owner's home.

Because the parents of this student are in charge of my family's moving work, often go to my place. So I told him about it, too. But he told the ironworker that I didn't understand, and that the staircase looked narrow because it wasn't covered with stone, and that it wouldn't be narrow after it was covered with stone.

When the ironworker asked me to settle the bill, I asked him to check it and see if there were any problems. I also asked him if he wanted to withhold some of the money for a deposit.

The student's parents looked at the scene and said that there was nothing wrong with the workmanship, and the stairs were different from other aspects, there would be no leakage and so on, so that I could give each other all the money to settle.

Although I had some doubts in my heart, I still followed his advice and gave all the money to the other party.

Later, after the house was renovated and the stairs were tiled, I realized that the stairs were not at all steep and narrow as they had said.At this time, the parents of the students said that it was because I was pasting tiles, not stones, and tiles were thinner than stones, so they were so narrow, and if I were pasting stones, they would not be so narrow.

To be continued