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I'm a real hero!

2023-02-28 04:07:19

I parked my car and went to the office. I put down my bag, picked up my book, put on my megaphone, and plunged into the classroom. Today's class started with the exam assignment“My hero.” I turned on the music on my phone as planned, dicky Cheung's “Real Hero” was flowing in the classroom. It was one of my favorite songs. The room became quiet and time seemed to stop

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Another busy morning!

Today Monday, because the class schedule of the national inspection school has been adjusted, I have one or two classes, which has never happened before, and it took me two or three weeks to get used to it! Last weekend's midterm exam, today is naturally to analyze and process the test paper, last week's lesson preparation group meeting discussed and decided to catch up with the essay again, the group leader proposed to let the children finish the exam to make a draft on the weekend, and they could copy it directly on Monday.Thinking of the busy children in the half term, and the fun of fighting for homework every night, I didn't leave the weekend homework as soon as my heart softened, because after this weekend, the children's second half of the semester will only be more nervous, let them breathe a sigh of relief, after all, it's a child! But the weekend class group in the homework news, still let me not be calm, without the first midterm exam of review, I really have no bottom of grades, ordinary language homework lacks a sense of existence, at this juncture, parents will have some doubts? After reading the test paper on Saturday, I sent the answers to the class group and asked the children to correct their mistakes, so as to find the sense of existence of the Chinese subject!

Invigilating found that many children unreasonable time allocation, composition in a hurry to start, or even not finished. After the test to understand a bit, the children's understanding of the text is somewhat superficial. So, last night, I already thought about it. Today's examination paper analysis starts with the composition. I will use the examination room to talk about the examination room composition, to examine the questions, and to ask the examination room composition notes. I will let the children rewrite this composition, which will kill two birds with one stone, also finished the fourth composition. According to the relevant information, Dicky Cheung performed a song “Real hero” in “The legend of Classics”. I like it very much and can use it. I don't go to sleep until I'm ready.

I originally thought it was a more relaxed Monday, but I didn't want everything to change as soon as the sky broke! I found it raining when I got into bed together, which was bad! I had to go out early to get a taxi, and the raincoat, rain shoe covers... Usually these have grandma to help with the point, but yesterday she traveled to Hainan with the group, and it took a week to come back! I'm destined to be busy this week, but I don't want to let go of God.Giving up the morning story and telling Leko to get up early to comb her hair, I took out the rain boots cover for her again, it was not early! While saying hello to the fun and not forgetting the red scarf, and walking carefully on rainy days, I took out my raincoat and put it over my head.In the past year or so, because I was in the same office with Miss Xiaorong, I often hitched her ride on rainy days, and this year in different grades, sometimes the pace is not consistent, she is used to leaving early, and I have to take care of the children always go out at the last minute, so I rarely go together.Listening to the rain this morning, I planned to go out early to take a taxi, but the mother's heart is always afraid of difficulties for the sake of the children, especially on rainy days, it is more inconvenient for fun than other children, so I dragged my feet until the end.Seeing that it was too late to take a taxi, I gritted my teeth and turned out my raincoat, although cycling has a lot of inconvenience, but it will not be late! Fully armed, I rushed into the rain and fog while finally telling the child to be careful...

A cold wind hit, only to find that they forgot to wear gloves, not so much, I continue to move forward. Monday morning was the rush hour for work and school, and with the rain today, the streets were crowded with cars, electric cars, bicycles, and children with umbrellas! I am in the traffic crowd struggling to shuttle, anxious! Ahead was the intersection of the traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. At a red light, I turned right and saw a blue Infiniti. It was brand new and bright. It stood out in the rain, while thinking about the next road is relatively easy to walk, can not help but sigh. Before you know it, Infiniti brakes! I quickly pinch the brake with both hands, I feel the rear wheel of the electric car to the right constantly skidding, the brain flash a trace of foreboding: not good! I'm Gonna Fall! There was nothing I could do but let the car go round and round and slide on... ... as expected, I was thrown backwards, onto my back, and hit the ground hard, with a headache, and the scooter lying on the side, and we both turned 180 degrees ! is actually a blink of an eye, but at that moment I was very clear, just like the film in slow motion general! There are a few pedestrians waiting on the roadside, my first reaction is very embarrassing, people seem to be fine, nothing to care about, get up to help the car ! The car is strong, just like a person He got up, turned around, got into the car, and moved forward. Apart from the pain in his head and butt that he felt when he first landed, half of his body seemed to be drenched. Everything else was normal. He couldn't care less. Time was limited, right? ! I continued to ride to the school, head a bit confused, but consciousness is very clear, I think it's okay-fell so, say no feeling how possible! ? That's Lucky ! My Brain was working at high speed, and the wheels kept moving forward. However, I no longer dared to turn the power switch to the maximum. I still had a lingering fear. “Once bitten, twice shy.” Ah... ! The rain is still falling, everything has not stayed for who ...... But gradually a kind of grievance welled up in my heart, eyes filled with tears, do not know why this is the case! Before the tears fall down, has arrived at the school gate, it is not too late! I stopped in front of the complex building, three steps and two steps to run up the stairs, regardless of the face of the rain, hurriedly picked up a pen to sign, and quickly turned downstairs, did not say hello to anyone, afraid of my sorry nowhere to hide, ... I'm afraid I'm gonna burst into tears...


“笑看人世间 火树银花

Counting the storms but the scars

It's a matter of one thought

In a flash of life and death, the pride will shine forever

江山如此大 何处是家

过重重关卡 看盛世的烟花

Life is just a fight

If you are a real hero, how can you be afraid?


The lyrics hit the drum, yeah! “If it's a real hero, how can I Be Afraid?” I'm a real hero, how can it be fake? Then -- pack up the Old Mountains and rivers, and then set off!