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When the heart is as wide as the sea, life can be calm

2023-02-28 04:06:59

The heart is as wide as the sea, simple life, simple love, calm, calm and peaceful, life can be calm.

Hong Zicheng in the “Vegetable root tan,” said: “The fish died in the water, but forget the water, birds fly on the wind, but do not know the wind.”

Fish swim freely in the water, but can forget the existence of water; birds fly in the wind, but can not know the existence of the wind. Realize this can not be dragged down by the environment, people can live easily, happy and successful.

One inch wide heart, wide road. Nine times out of ten, life is unpleasant, if not mind wide sea, how can there be life calm?

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People with a big heart live most comfortably.

Don't care what others think of you, and don't bother guessing what others are thinking.Do what you have to do and become your ideal person.

Don't worry about whether you have suffered a loss, and don't worry about where you have been deceived.Failure and setbacks are inevitable experiences in life, all the pain and unbearable, waving your hand shakes into the red dust, laughing and hating.

Don't be more truthful in trivial things, don't fight with garbage people to win or lose, and spend your time in meaningful places.No chagrin, no complaints, no retaliation, because time will give the best answer.

If the heart is relaxed, there will be no hurdle that cannot be passed.


In life, good or bad, success or failure, often only in one thought.


If your heart is a bowl of water, a drop of ink will make you black; if your heart is a sea, tons of ink can you how much?


Your Heart is full of sorrow and fear, joy and courage will have no place; full of fame and wealth, can not fit the handsome and relaxed; full of complaints and regrets, tolerance and hope turned away...

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The heart of the people, self-tolerance, life and work more far-sighted, but also more than ordinary people see thoroughly, live wisdom through.

The heart of the people, is able to put down the hatred of the people. To live with hatred and resentment is only to punish yourself for others.

A person with a wide heart is a person who will not embarrass himself.To live in the world, we must be able to tolerate "sand" in our eyes, and we must understand that "when the water is clear, there is no fish".


Heart width can breed great, heart width can also pack the world.

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心宽一点,别让堆集的垃圾腐烂了心灵圣地,日日勤检视,时时常修剪,不让心灵净土上杂草丛生 。

There is a classic line in the movie "This killer is not too cold": "Is life always so painful?" Or was it only like this as a child? "It's always the case."”。

The world is really bitter.

Everyone suffers, which is why we need to be as generous as the sea, change what you can change, and accept what you can't change.

Trouble and confusion can not be resolved, learn to laugh it off. Can not accommodate, everything is empty, can accommodate, will have everything.

心宽似海,简单生活、简单爱 ,从容淡定平静安宁,人生才能风平浪静。