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How much do you know about the origin and customs of Laba Festival?

2023-02-28 04:06:50

The origin of La Ba Festival is La Ba Festival, commonly known as "La Ba", the festival is held in the first eighth day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar every year, and the custom of this festival is "drinking La Ba porridge".

How much do you know about the origin and customs of Laba Festival?

La Ba Festival is one of the traditional festivals in our country, the people have the custom of "drinking La Ba porridge", so when it comes to La Ba many people first think of La Ba porridge, in fact, in addition to La Ba porridge, La Ba Festival also has many colorful customs, the following is the origin and customs of La Ba Festival sorted out by the editor for everyone, let's find out together!


The LABA festival, commonly known as “Laba”, falls on the eighth day of the Làyuè. The custom is to “Drink laba porridge”. On the day of Laba, the monasteries held a Dharma meeting to imitate the story of the shepherdess offering chyle before the Buddha became a monk Laba porridge

Legend has it that after drinking this porridge, you can get the blessing of the Buddha, so Laba porridge is also called "Fushou porridge", "Fu porridge", and "Buddha porridge"."Laba" was originally a Buddhist festival, but it has evolved over the generations and gradually become a well-known folk festival.

The customs of Laba


Laba bean curd
Laba tofu is one of the traditional snacks in Yi County, Anhui, Anhui province. On the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, every household must make tofu, the folk will make this kind of tofu, then called“Laba tofu.”.

Eat ice

Laba garlic
Laba garlic is steeped on the eighth day of the last lunar month. It is a custom in north China, especially in North China. The ingredients are vinegar and garlic cloves.

La Ba Mian