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Experience will make us understand everything that we can not understand in the past

2023-02-28 04:06:24

I was touched by the old woman who sharpened the needle, and I was often touched by myself, as long as I want to become the master of my heart, who can not walk through this road?

I always have the feeling that every day of the past has been swallowed up by something, and if I don't think about it, or if there is some scene that evokes memories, I always feel that life is only in the present.Therefore, I can only feel the passage of time when I notice that my hair and beard have grown again.

See Feng Zongyi Taoist, I also have this feeling, always feel trance, not like real, and clearly is real. Life is a most real dream. After waking up, in fact, or continue to dream, but there is a lucid, will not be confused by the dream just.

How far have we come?


A long time ago, the endless unknown, are intertwined in this trance of life time and space, even if a moment to stay, become the imprint of the soul, in the end, it is just misty rain.

And we're still moving on.

Life is like a pendulum, swinging from one end to another, and from that end to this end, there is no end.We have also gone through countless vicissitudes repeatedly, but we are still trudging without realizing it.The road ahead shoots into the distance, there is no end in sight, and no one knows where they want to reach or where they are going.

Heart, always in the accumulation of weight in the forward. Tired, they would like to unload this outfit, such as Wanderer has tired of wandering, want to go home.

In the hope, you have to wait quietly. Anxious Heart, in the dry day by day. Many struggle, many helpless, all had to melt into tears, waiting for the wind of time, Kiss the Didi Bitter Crystal.



You Don't say that go through hell, it does not matter how difficult, but also a matter of a moment. What is really difficult is to grind the iron pestle into a needle day after day. I was touched by the old woman who sharpened the needle, I was also often touched by their own, as long as want to become the Master of the heart, and who can not walk from this road?

Slowly, the world quieted, and a very beautiful aura overflowed all around.But it doesn't come from some being outside, it comes from your heart.There is the most beautiful goodwill, there is the most beautiful letting go, there is the most beautiful poetry.

Isn't it said that there is no place in the Buddha's eyes that isn't Pure Land? You have finally seen the beautiful scenery at the end of the prosperity. Your Heart is as sensitive as a baby's skin, and everything in life moves you. Even the loneliness and loneliness, like flowers blooming in the bottom of my heart, emitting a faint fragrance, your soul and therefore the world beautiful and rich.


I can't tell if you found me or I waited for you, and we were more like two magnets fatefully close.No matter how far apart we are, you will eventually enter my territory, and I will eventually touch you.

I finally found that I wandered all my life, walked all my life, searched for a lifetime, just to approach you day by day, step by step, and then meet you in some accidental moment.


You hear their stories in their world, and a little laugh or cry rings in your heart, and your life finally merges, and the two fates make a sound of harmony, you no longer feel that they are outside of you, that your heart and your life share the same pulse and rhythm.



Xuemo, formerly known as Chen Kaihong, is a native of Liangzhou, Gansu.He is a national first-class writer, vice chairman of the Gansu Writers Association, and a cultural scholar.He has won the titles of "Excellent Expert of Gansu Province", "Leading Talent of Gansu Province", "Literary Artist of Gansu Province with Virtue and Art", "Top Innovative Talent of Gansu Province", and "Top Ten Brand Figures of Chinese Culture in 2015" by the Chinese Culture Brand Association of the Ministry of Culture of China.He is the author of novels: "Wild Fox Ridge", "The Sound of Fava Beans in the Late Night", "Liangzhou Words", "Desert Trilogy" ("Desert Festival", "Hunting Plain", "White Tiger Pass"), "Soul Trilogy" ("Western Xia Curse", "The Wolf of Western Xia", "The Heart of King Kong Without Death"), "Love Does Not Fall"; A collection of poems: "The Fox Who Worshipped the Moon"; Cultural works: "One Man's West", "The Secret of the Master" (all eight volumes), "The Wisdom of the Buddha" (all three volumes), "Bright Mahamudra" series (all ten books), "Snow Desert Mind" series, etc.; Cultural travelogues: "The Children of the Huns", "Don Quixote in North America", "The Arrow Pile of the Mountain God", etc.His works were selected into the "Chinese Literature Yearbook" and "New Chinese Literature Series"; He has won the "3rd Feng Mu Literature Award", "Shanghai Long and Novella Outstanding Work Award", "Chinese Writers Big Red Eagle Literature Award", "Chinese Writers Ordos Literature Award" and other awards, won the "Dunhuang Literature and Art Award" issued by the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government for six consecutive times, and won the "Yellow River Literature Award" issued by the Gansu Provincial Federation of Literature and Literature and the Gansu Provincial Writers Association for three consecutive times; He was shortlisted for the "Fifth National Book Award" and the "Mao Dun Literature Award" three times.