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Some are busy writing autobiographies while others have made hundreds of millions of dollars. Great beauty makeup blogger

2023-02-28 04:05:49

7 - Zoella Zoella A well-known British beauty blogger (Source Zoella is from the United Kingdom, and she has opened a channel since 09, she is a veritable veteran beauty blogger, whether in her channel or in Instagram photos, life blogger Mark Ferri

Needless to say, the beauty industry is one of the industries that benefits the most from the influence of social media.Beauty Internet celebrities occupy half of the YouTube and Instagram beauty industry.They are always indispensable in the annual Forbes inventory.

He has compiled a list of 10 great beauty makeup bloggers from around the world, who are active on youtube and Instagram, creating works and easily collecting millions of views. They partner with every top beauty brand you can think of, and make as much money as anyone can imagine.

Now it's not enough to just read popular magazines to become trendy, and watching the fashion beauty trends introduced by popular bloggers is king! There are many popular beauty youtubers on Youtube, they share superb makeup skills and fashion outfits with fans, if you want to follow the most in-trend trends, you can't miss these bloggers, let's become beautiful with them!


Yuya, a well-known Mexican beauty blogger

The eccentric Miss Mexico Yuya is the hottest Spanish beauty blogger.Born in 1993, Yuya is the female blogger with the most followers in the Spanish-speaking region, and her videos focus on makeup instruction and travel.In 2009, 16-year-old Yuya won a beauty contest on YouTube and started her first channel, lady16makeup, a makeup podcast for 16-year-old girls.

She is the first senior female beauty blogger to break through 20 million fans, and has topped the list of overseas bloggers in succession.

During Women's Day 2016, Yuya and six other female bloggers from the United States, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom participated in the affirmative action activities on Women's Day at the invitation of the United Nations.

So far, Yuya has published two books and a perfume and make-up kit. In 2015, Yuya was listed by Adage as the most expensive beauty blogger on YouTube, earning $41,000 a month. In 2018, she earned $3 million a year.

Yuya有最直接和明确的受众——南美西语区用户,作为西语区第一女博主,委内瑞拉报纸El Universal评价她为“受人尊敬的KOL”。2017年她更是与美国美妆品牌REPUBLIC COSMETICS合作推出了Yuya系列联名化妆品,⼤获好评。⽽去年,她被评选为墨西哥⼗大女富豪之一。


"Sister J" Jeffree Star Well-known American beauty blogger (Data source

Known as "Sister J", the legendary big man in the beauty circle, a famous American beauty blogger, makeup artist, and the founder and president of the makeup brand "Jeffree Star Cosmetics".

The early Jeffree Star tried to break into the music business, even releasing her solo album Beauty Killer in 2009, but it didn't go well. So in November 2014, he set up his own cosmetics company and began promoting his brand on YouTube. The eye-catching stunner in the video, the superb make-up technique and the spicy satire have all become“J sister” unique“Signboard”.

As a make-up blogger with tens of millions of followers on Instagram and youtube, and a Forbes-certified Colossus of the make-up industry (whose eponymous cosmetics company has made hundreds of millions of dollars) , he is a true superstar.

3——James Charles

James Charles, a well-known American beauty blogger (source of data

99年出生的超新星美妆博主James Charles,可谓美妆圈的天才少年。他以超快的语 速和精湛的化妆技术,只⽤了短两年时间迅速成长为了最红美妆博主之一。当然,他的成功之路少不了前辈的提携。纵横美妆圈8、9年年的资深博主Tati便是从他早期一直悉心培育他的“恩师”之一。此前两⼈间的一番纠葛也让 James 进⼊了更多观众的视线。相信经历过“失信风波”的天才少年将重拾初心,给观众带来更多的精彩内容。


Musas well-known beauty blogger (Source



Rclbeauty101 is a well-known American beauty blogger (Data source

In 1995, Rachel Claire Levin, an American beauty blogger, was named the most influential under-21 beauty blogger in the world. She is popular with young people, and the most talked-about event was the Disney swimming pool in 2016, which received more than 221 million views. The 2015 National Teen Choice Awards of fashion and beauty.

6——Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie Tutorials Dutch beauty blogger (Source

荷兰裔博主Nikkie de Jager以她的YouTube频道名NikkieTutorials 被大家所熟知,早在2008年14 岁的她便在YouTube上传了第一支视频,开启了美妆博主生涯。

In 2015, because of a "The Power of MAKEUP!) article "How Much Is the Difference Between Makeup and No Makeup" became popular on YouTube, the video encouraged girls to wear makeup, don't be ashamed of heavy makeup, makeup is just to make themselves happy, she is one of the first beauty bloggers to wear half-face makeup, and subsequently caused many bloggers to follow suit.This video has resonated with many girls, received a lot of likes, and has more than 40 million views so far.


2020年1月,她上传了标题为《I’m coming out》的视频,讲述了她作为跨性别者的心路历程,很多粉丝惊呼“⼀直都没有发现!”“Nikkie好棒,更爱你了了!”,相⽐起不和谐的声音,她收获了了更多的支持与爱。


Zoella is a well-known British beauty blogger (Data source

Zoella来⾃英国,09年就开设了频道的她是位名副其实的资深美妆博主,不论是在她的频道中还是Ins照⽚里,⽣活博主Mark Ferris都是一位频繁出镜的“好姐妹”,⽽两⼈超级有爱的互动也成为了Zoe粉们津津乐道的看点。邻家⼤姐⼀般的亲切爽朗性格和天真如孩童的天使笑颜背后,Zoella 更有她“才女”的⼀面。

而除了自己的产品线外,2014年她还出版了小说《Girl Online》,打破了Nielsen BookScan自1998年以来诸多纪录,成为新人作家最高单周销售量之纪录保持人。此后一共出版5本自传,并在她的个人主页中每月连载Zoella Book Club系列,通过文字形式与喜爱她的⼈进行交流。

In addition, her positive and positive online image has kept her beloved by many people. She has worked with her boyfriend, brother and many public figures to record songs for AIDS patients. What's more, Zoella has a history of anxiety, but she's always been an up-and-comer on social media, often encouraging others.

8——Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota is a well-known American beauty blogger (Data source

The 2009 early entry of the 95 miss, is a real“Forward slash year.”. He is also a designer in the film and music industry. It also shows up perfectly on her YouTube channel. Her videos cover a wide range of topics, including beauty, dressing, cute pets, shopping, sharing, baking and cooking Vlog daily, so creative.


Tati is a well-known American beauty blogger (Data source

American cult blogger Tati Westbrook is a veteran beauty blogger who has been on YouTube for nearly 10 years, and is loved by fans for his beauty and kindness.She has quickly attracted fans with the "super high-yield" mode of 5 videos per week, and it is she who has led the fire to a popular video format in today's beauty industry - "beauty red and black list" evaluation.In 2018, she founded her own nutrition and health brand, Halo Beauty, and according to foreign media, YouTube and her own brand brought her a total annual income of more than $13 million.


PAUTIPS, a well-known Colombian beauty blogger (source of data)

Paula Galindo是哥伦比亚⾸屈一指的美妆博主。你可以看到她对健身和旅行的热爱。喜欢尝试新事物的她于2018 年年开创了⾃己的品牌Paula By Pautips,⽇韩风的清新甜美包装给粉丝们带来了耳目一新的体验,也在不断为年仅22岁的Paula的成功之路添砖加瓦。