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Pet cemetery

2023-02-28 04:05:39

  Kim's daughter was about eight years old at the time and had a cat named Smokey.

Today I read a book called "Pet Cemetery," which tells that in the late seventies, King was invited to his alma mater, the University of Maine, for a year, and his family rented a house nearby, twelve miles away from the university.The house is amazing and located in the picturesque countryside of Maine.The only problem was the road in front of the house.There was heavy traffic on that road and there were many vehicles, including heavy tanker trucks from chemical plants along the road.

The neighbor, Chario, who opened a shop opposite, had long warned Kim and his wife to watch over their children, and if they had pets, they should also watch over pets."A lot of animals are lost on this road.This phrase was later written into the story by King.The animals that were gone on the road were buried in the woods, which were behind their rented houses.A path runs through the neighborhood to a tiny pet cemetery in the woods.A tree outside this charming makeshift cemetery is inscribed with the words "Pet Cemetery," the only mark of the place.This phrase not only entered the book, but also became the title of the book.

Kim's daughter was about eight years old and had a cat named Smokey. Not long after they moved into Orlington's house, I found Smokey Dead on the lawn of a house across the road. The latest lost animal on Route 5 is a beloved pet of my daughter's. They buried smokey in the pet cemetery. Her daughter put up a tombstone for it, the epitaph is: “Smokey: he's good”.