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2020 Winter Vacation Trivia 10 "Graduation"

2023-02-28 04:05:14

Promise me that on graduation day, none of us will cry. We will laugh and finish the last challenge of these six years with a smile.

Blink of an eye time, six years rushed past in front of me, reached out to retain him, but how also can not catch.

On the day after the exam, please sit quietly by my side, don't do anything, don't say anything.

Every time I hope that summer will come sooner, but this time I hope it can slow down, don't come so fast.

When graduation with headphones open music, the sound to the maximum ear drum pain do not remove, afraid of tears overflow.

Promise me that on graduation day, none of us will cry, we will laugh, we will laugh and walk through the last challenge of the six years.

Graduation day we dragged heavy schoolbags, playing to make out of the school gate, street corner that moment, do not cry.

Did you throw away your elementary school uniform? No, why? Too expensive, how expensive? Six years.

Head teacher: Close your eyes and take you somewhere.Me: Playground? Head teacher: You peek.Me: I have walked this road for six years, and I will not get lost with my eyes closed.

The next fall, the classroom was full, but unfortunately it was no longer us.

Our six years and 12 papers bet the world a tomorrow.

Teacher: What are you doing? Me: Practice Laughing. Head Teacher: Why Do you practice laughing? Me: Because I don't want to cry on graduation day.

It's been six years, and I finally like this school, but I'm leaving.

The last class teacher said: you read the book, I look at you!

Graduation, I don't want to graduate.

The familiar figure of the teaching building appeared in front of him again, here, the students worked tirelessly, the teachers worked diligently, and the six years of time turned into the laughter of the students, and turned into the sails of a hundred feet.Although the end has arrived, waving goodbye, the heart of endeavor in the heart and the aspiration to serve the country have been integrated into every student at this time.Let me look at the pen marks on the teaching floor, the traces of the years will never be forgotten in the growth.

Gone, gone, like clouds floating away, but the scenery here, engraved in the bottom of my heart is always beautiful, unforgettable.