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2022-08-20 longevity learning perception, positive self

2023-02-28 04:05:09

  Even if it is only 5% improvement on the original basis, it is necessary to give timely affirmation and encouragement, give the child confidence, let him find a sense of achievement, and then gradually and slowly improve the requirements in the process of progress, so that he can grow step by step and get the joy of learning.

Grateful to the Longevity Federation of Trade Unions for organizing this offline study, I was fortunate to meet many friends and peers who love learning, and at the same time met my idol, the wise and talented teacher Lihong, who had seen the teacher many times through online courses before.I am more beautiful and more relatable than online.Today, I am very honored and excited to meet the teacher for the first time.

Today's learning is to learn the modules of positive psychology, positive self, positive emotions, positive relationships, and positive growth.In the process of positive growth, whether it is for children or for yourself, you must give yourself positive affirmation.Positive self-suggestion anytime and anywhere, especially in the process of educating children, should give timely affirmation to children's progress.Do not have high expectations and expectations for your child, see your child's little by little progress, and follow the principle of small steps for his requirements and room for improvement, even if it only improves to 5% each time.



As primary school teachers, we are the children's Light, is to guide the direction of children, we are lighting the hearts of Children's dreams to activate the motivation to learn, we want to live out of a lighthouse, show your child the way forward. Do not be a controller only look at the pursuit of grade teacher. We should use their own positive mental state, a positive attitude to accept, appreciate, encourage, affirmation, recognition of children.

First of all, we must live our own state in order to better lead the children, Teacher Shi through cards, eating raisin games, through mindfulness to find their inner strength.In life, we need to improve our inner strength through mindful emotions, (positive self-talk), mindful eating (slowly tasting food), mindful exercise (yoga, jogging), mindful breathing (meditation).

Second, we must also have a sense of self-worth, only by seeing our own value, recognizing ourselves, accepting ourselves, we can better and more accurately capture the advantages of children, children's advantages, so as to teach according to aptitude, guide according to the situation, respect children's personality and characteristics, and cultivate excellent children.Accept and affirm oneself to enhance one's sense of value.In the process of accepting ourselves, we can use dialogue mode:


This kind of positive language to learn to accept themselves, often say this to themselves, accept themselves and affirm their own words, as long as they stick to it, our self-confidence, sense of value will gradually improve, in daily life, I practice, write a letter of gratitude to boast to myself.Perseverance, can improve their own energy, we must always believe that whether it is children or ourselves, every child is not perfect, we ourselves are not perfect, we must have the courage to accept our own imperfections.

The road of life is very bumpy, and there is no smooth sailing.The lifeline of life is like our electrocardiogram, ups and downs are normal and healthy.If the human lifeline were a straight line, we would have no chance to live [tears].Therefore, we accept the imperfections of life, accept the challenges of life, and accept our own imperfections.We use games, I am so-and-so, I have many advantages, affirm myself positively, give myself confidence and strength,

In short, the road of life is long, the road of education has no end, only the beginning. As an educator, as a mother, only their own continuous learning and growth, live out their own positive state, in order to better guide children, support children, accompany children.