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Home should not hang this kind of painting, destroy good feng shui influence home

2023-02-28 04:04:39

Photos from App 7. The color of painting and calligraphy should be in harmony with the interior style. The paper and frame of the painting and calligraphy should match the color and style of the home decoration. The interior should be decorated in a warm tone, painting and calligraphy works should choose cold color mounting, indoor decoration is cold, hanging painting and calligraphy works should choose warm and cold color mounting, indoor vertical decoration space,

Hang a beautiful painting and calligraphy on the drab wall of the home, can give a person a kind of antique, dignified and elegant feeling. Leisure sit down to carefully taste, calligraphy meaningful implication, elegant charming brushwork; elegant and exquisite painting, framed neat and beautiful, all make people relaxed and happy.

Calligraphy and painting not only enhance the taste of the bedroom and reflect the self-restraint of the occupants, but also play a Zhang Sengyou role in the geomantic omen of the home. But if painting and calligraphy hang improper, often appear the opposite effect, the following and we talk about how to hang painting and calligraphy.

The following types of paintings and calligraphy hang at home, you must be cautious! See if there is a hang in your home.

First, if the murderous spirit is too heavy, it is not recommended to hang it at home


Image from Jianshu App

Second, image is broken, do not suggest hanging at home

Typical such as Ma Zhiyuan's “Tianjing Sha · Qiu Si”“Withered vines old trees faint crow, small bridges flowing water people, ancient road west wind thin horse.” Such dilapidated scene, unexpectedly some people hang home, is the family too prosperous?

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Third, if you are depressed, it is not recommended to hang at home

The Moon, clouds and fair skies, waxing and waning -- And old story, this struggle for perfection, what are you trying to do?

Four, too sad, do not suggest hanging at home

Typical, such as “Senna occidentalis”, “After a thousand sails are not, Xie Hui pulse water long, broken Bai Pingzhou”; One and the same longing O'erflows two lonely places, but do you have an appetite for poetry at home all day long?

Fifth, the poetry of the family, do not suggest hanging at home


So what kind of painting is suitable to hang at home?

One, Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of our country is like a giant dragon, winding and shuttling between lofty mountains and mountains, majestic.This kind of painting can have the effect of defending against enemies and acting as a backer.But there is one point, this painting is grand, and a small place in the room is not suitable for hanging, and it will be counterproductive if it is not good.

Mountain waterfalls

Many people have a soft spot for landscape waterfalls, like that kind of artistic conception, but hanging such a painting is very particular, the flowing water of the waterfall in the painting can not be aimed at the door, there is a saying called "fat water can not flow out", if the water flows to the door There is a sense of fat water outflow, it is easy to make your financial resources unstable and wealth lost.

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3. Smooth sailing

Many people who do business like smooth sailing, which mostly appear in the form of plaques or models, which means smooth sailing, good artistic conception, and can also stimulate the vitality in the house.If it is a physical sailing model, it must be matched with water, with a fish tank or with a water feature, so that your sailing ship can be smooth sailing.

The picture is from the book App

四 、阳春牡丹

Peony picture, bright color, symbolizes wealth, takes the meaning of flowers blooming and wealthy, belongs to flowers and plants, five elements belong to wood, eight characters and five elements of wood people, hanging peony pictures are more auspicious, suitable for living rooms, screens, symbolizing wealth, prosperity, prosperity.But the peony diagram is taboo to hang in the due west of the room, because the west belongs to gold and gram wood, which has a bad meaning.

The picture is from the book App

The ROC spreads its wings



6. Mei Lan Zhu Ju

Meilan Zhuju is commonly known as the Four Gentlemen, the meaning is very good, this kind of painting is very adaptable, in the office, study, children's bedroom and other places are more suitable.

Lotus calligraphy and painting

Lotus is the lotus, meaning of harmony, out of the mud but not dyed, Buddhist also has a meaning of perfection, kindness, etc. , easy to hang in the living room, the elderly bedroom. In addition, the Lotus has the feeling of being free from dirt, which is also the first choice of practitioners.

Eight, fish water map

A picture of multiple carps frolicking, which means that every year is more than good and all the best.Fish belong to the five elements of water, and those born in summer and autumn all owe water in the five elements, which is especially suitable for hanging pictures of fish.

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IX. Horse Diagram

The metaphor is that the horse belongs to fire in the five elements, and those born in spring and winter are all under fire in the five elements, and the horse with fire can make up for the deficiency.The horse diagram should not be hung in the south, because the trigram of the horse belongs to the sky, the south belongs to fire, and hanging it in the south is "burning the gate of heaven", and unfavorable things are prone to occur at home.


10. Phoenix

The phoenix male is known as the phoenix, the female is known as the phoenix, and the phoenix flies together, which is a symbol of the harmony of husband and wife.As a kind of auspicious bird, the phoenix is relatively rich in auspiciousness.Phoenixes have the attribute of "chicken" and are more suitable for those born in summer and autumn.If the zodiac sign belongs to rabbits and dogs, it is not suitable to hang phoenix pictures.

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There are also some basic DOS and don'ts for hanging art indoors. Here's what you need to know:

First, avoid improper position, casually hang

Calligraphy and painting works to be hung in the eye-catching open place on the wall, such as the main wall of the entrance, coffee table, sofa, desk and bedside wall above the bed, and so on. In the corner of the room, the shadow of the edge of the closet should not hang paintings.

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Second, avoid dim light


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Third, pay attention to the height of the mounting

For easy appreciation, the height of the painting and calligraphy works should be in the center of the people standing parallel line on the high side, generally 1.6 meters from the ground about appropriate, not too high or too low, do not stagger.

Fourth, the number should not be large, avoid a hodgepodge

Too many calligraphy and painting works in the room will dazzle people.One or two carefully selected pieces can serve as a finishing touch.

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5. The content of calligraphy and painting should match the purpose of the room

The content of the paintings and calligraphy is consistent with the purpose of the room designed by the owner.The office space of party and government cadres should be serious, motivated, and healthy content, such as "fresh breeze out of sleeves"; The bedroom should be relaxed, warm and elegant content, such as "plum fragrance into dream"; In the barracks, it is suitable for hanging works such as seriousness, hard work, and endeavor, such as "Return My Mountains and Rivers"; The home living room is decorated with warmth, harmony and cheerfulness as the content, such as "Home and All Things Prosperous".

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The size of painting and calligraphy should be proportional to the size of the wall

According to the size of the wall to determine the size of the painting and calligraphy works, the work is too large and the wall is crowded without room, the wall is too large and the work is too small to appear empty, in general, the wall and the work should be 5:4.

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Seven, painting and calligraphy framed color should be coordinated with the indoor style

The paper selection and framing of calligraphy and painting works should match the color style of home decoration, the interior is warm decoration, and calligraphy and painting works should be framed in cold colors; The interior is cold decoration, the framing color of hanging calligraphy and painting works should choose warm and cold and warm colors, indoor vertical decoration space, calligraphy and painting works should also be based on vertical works, supplemented by banner works.

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What type of calligraphy and painting, where to hang is also exquisite, which also needs to be hung according to the function of the room:

The living room

Hanging paintings in the home should be based on the content of the above board and avoid obtrusive things.If a landscape painting is hung on the hall, watch the water flow into the house, not outward, because the owner of the landscape manages the wealth, and the water flows in is the inflow of wealth, and the outflow of water is the loss of wealth; The boat painting should make the bow of the boat face inside the house and avoid facing the outside of the house.The calligraphy and painting on the top of the sofa should be horizontal and not easy to vertical, if the sofa and the calligraphy and painting form two balanced horizontal lines, then they can complement each other.

2. Restaurants

Restaurant painting needs to meet the atmosphere of the restaurant, dining relaxed atmosphere is necessary. Restaurant hanging calligraphy works, less landscape painting, nine fish, fruit and so on more. Choosing a warm-colored calligraphy painting can promote appetite. Hanging a picture of nine fish over a period of years is a good choice. It means long and lasting, harmony and harmony. Nine fish play and make the viewer feel comfortable. Or, look for a beautiful flower-and-bird painting, gives the person the fresh natural feeling, is on the visual psychology double enjoyment.

The bedroom

The bedroom should not hang pictures such as flying eagles or galloping horses, which will make people feel tired, but should hang fresh and natural paintings such as flowers and birds, nine fish, bamboo, etc., so as to relax and eliminate fatigue.

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Bedroom painting to highlight the warm, romantic, quiet atmosphere, mainly to warm tone, such as a blooming red rose, mood far-reaching hazy painting are a good choice.

4. Study room

The study room usually requires a strong and strong cultural atmosphere, and the paintings in the study should choose a quiet, elegant and plain style, trying to create a pleasant reading atmosphere and set off the artistic conception of "tranquility and far-reaching".Decorating the study with paintings of calligraphy, landscapes, and landscapes will never feel like a painting, and you can also choose special themes that the owner likes.