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The World of Southerners: Inside and Out of the Covers

2023-02-28 04:04:34

In addition to playing with mobile phones, many people will warm their socks in the bed when they get up.


The reason is that every time from outside to come home, have the habit of taking off the coat. It was not until he shivered that he remembered to put on his coat. “It's so cold at home,” she complained as she wore it

At this time my mother will be grumpy and said: “Who let you do not wear a little thick, but also took off the coat, not cold strange.”

But this really doesn't complain to me, there is heating in the northern home, and the first thing to do when entering the house is indeed to take off the coat.I took off my coat and felt home.This point can be testified to me by my classmates in the north.

This year I came back, without exception I began to complain about the home of the“Cold”, a return, I feel like a zongzi, like being tied to the cold. To say that the south of the cold, I often say with northern students, the South has no heating, the south of the warm house than the outside. This time home, when I saw my handsome cousin stretched out his hand, just remember, to say that the typical features of the south cold, not frostbite belong.

Chilblains are a pain that almost every Southerner must experience, mainly in the hands and feet.This is estimated to have never been experienced by northerners.

The pain of chilblains is gradually intensified: at first, the hands are a little itchy, and the more you get heated, the more itchy it gets.At this time, experienced people focus on keeping this piece warm, which can prevent the deterioration of chilblains.But if it is not well protected, the skin will begin to develop small rashes, one area by one, but still itchy.Later, the fingers or toes began to swell, thicker and thicker, and the purple color became darker.Seriously, I can't even hold my hands.And that's not the worst, the worst result is that the fingers begin to swell, water bleeds, suppuration.A pair of hands are so miserable, as if they have been blown up by an atomic bomb, blindly devastated.

This point is quite funny, a beautiful face, but with a pair of rotten hands, a hand to destroy the image.

It's very cold in the south, but we can keep out the cold too. The most useful thing is to wear more clothes. When I was a child, I remember that I had worn a maximum of 7 clothes, really three layers outside three layers, plus a coat, dressed like a haystack. There were also gloves. When they went to school at home, they would always wear gloves to write. Moreover, there were many types of gloves. They were four-finger flip-top, five-finger semi-enclosed, five-finger fully enclosed, and so on. There were many styles, so it was convenient to see you.

But these are not my favorite, my favorite is-drill bed.

Bed is definitely a southern paradise. Especially to the evening, the day is dark, want to get into bed.

Then the world splits into two: inside and outside. The quilt inside warm lovely, quilt outside cold gnash teeth.

In the world under the covers, we can do whatever we want.My favorite thing is to play with my mobile phone, play casually, and will not freeze my hands and feet.But after playing for a while, the phone screen became a small droplet, blurring the screen.Then wipe off, then brush again.In addition to playing with mobile phones, many people will warm their socks in the bed when they get up.

But there are more drills in the quilt, and there are consequences.For example, I can't comb my hair every morning.Because it was too cold outside, my head did not dare to stick out all night, and I turned messily in the bed.As a child, I always admired people who slept with their heads out, thinking that they had superhuman abilities and had their own cold body.Funnily, when I got to the north, I easily acquired this ability.

The best match with the quilt is a warm water bag.This tool is amazing, the first 4 hours are loved to death, the last 4 hours are disgusted.Yes, in such a cold south, we are so fickle and sentimental.