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"28 years of wrong life", Du Mu has no parenting grace for Guo Wei, see what netizens say

2023-02-28 04:04:29

3 Netizens strongly supported Xu's mother to find out the truth from the "wrong life for 28 years" incident, many netizens are supporting Xu's mother to find out the truth, because knowing the truth can innocent people be cleared of wrongs and guilty people be punished.

1“Wrong Life for 28 years” let a person see the complexity of human nature

Regarding the incident of "28 years of wrong life", some netizens said: more than the screenwriters of TV series can "make up", this living reality allows us to see the complexity of human nature.

The editor agrees with the complexity of human nature mentioned by TA, but does not agree with comparing living events in reality with TV series, you must know that reality is reality, although TV series come from reality, but many of them have the exaggerated techniques of screenwriters used in them.

Recently has been very concerned about“Missed 28 years of life”, initially know this event, also because of the death of Yao Ce in March, from the internet to see the relevant posts. Then went to look up a lot of information, before the whole incident has a further understanding.

In fact, sometimes I'm very reluctant to talk about other people's lives like a keyboard player, to touch other people's sore points, to comment on other people's joys and sorrows, but the complicated issue of“28 years of wrong turns” is inextricably linked to the human nature that Xiaobai is currently studying, so let's just be a bystander and express some thoughts on human nature.

How much did du Mu do for Emperor Taizu of Later Zhou?

A previous article, “The wrong life for 28 years,” party Emperor Taizu of Later Zhou, the future is difficult to choose,” caused a heated discussion on the internet. When the small editor mentioned du Mu to Emperor Taizu of Later Zhou has brought up the graciousness, raised more than life, many netizens expressed that they do not agree.

A Netizen said: Anchor's words I do not understand, more than a set of property is not to his son, let his son to drop out of school to sell lunch boxes, this is the so-called grace of raising cash? Where? Where's the baby? This is clearly from the beginning to be a stepmother!


Some netizens said this: The cuckoo bird's nurturing grace to Guo Wei, Xu Min has been returned to Yao Ce from afar, and the editor does not want to morally kidnap Guo Wei.

These netizens, their opinions are all "stealing exchange", not "wrong exchange", if the stealing is only to achieve a certain purpose of the perpetrator, then 28 years from an infant to a family, among which what the Du Mu family gave to Guo Wei is not considered a nurturing grace?

These netizens, their opinions are all“Swapping”, not“Swapping”. If swapping is only to achieve some purpose of the perpetrator, then 28 years from infancy to starting a family, among them, Du Mu's family gave Guo Wei, is it considered to be the grace of nurturing?

有句古话说:清官难断家务事。小编觉得对于每一个旁观者,我们都无法说得清。而一切都在郭威那儿,郭威是一个非常善良的人,善良到和自己的亲生母亲一样。小编觉得,郭威在一定程度上,一定会念及28年的养育之情吧, 不说养育之恩。

3 netizens support Xu mother to find out the truth

From the beginning of the "28 years of wrong life" incident, many netizens supported Xu's mother to find out the truth, because knowing the truth can innocent people be cleared of wrongs and guilty people be punished.

Some netizens said: In order for Yao Ce not to come to the world in vain.Mother Xu must thoroughly investigate the truth.Even if it is difficult, we must find out the truth, only the truth is justice, and the right way in the world is vicissitudes!

More users said: to find the truth is a must! Maybe mom will get some justice! And a peaceful society! Otherwise, who dares to go to the hospital to give birth! I accidentally switched them!

Twenty-eight years have passed, and 28 years ago, hospitals relied on pen records of the birth of babies, unlike today's development of Internet technology, which can be recorded comprehensively and in detail.


This justice and truth may come later, but one day it will come!