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Medical mask gradually become popular, please recognize the medical mask

2023-02-28 04:04:19

The main differences between medical accessories and ordinary mask: 1, different types: a medical device, a cosmetic.

Medical beauty masks are gradually becoming popular, and some ordinary masks are also "rubbing the heat".A large number of ordinary masks are sold under the name of medical beauty.It claims to be used for postoperative repair of aesthetic procedures such as microneedling and aquatic.But the truth is, it's just an ordinary mask.


Cosmetic mask with essence, additives and other ingredients, if it is used after cosmetic surgery or skin wounds, it is very dangerous.

So what exactly is a beauty mask?

The so-called beauty mask is called an excipient in the medical field. It can be understood as an external drug used to assist in the treatment of skin problems, for example: for hydrating, anti-inflammatory, sedation, desensitization, help restore skin barrier and so on. These medical excipients include medical face masks because they were originally used not as a daily care but specifically after aesthetic programs.



2, the production environment is different: the medical excipients production environment aseptic standard is higher, the ingredient preservative is less.

3. Esthetics supplementary material is more suitable to be used after finishing esthetics project.

4, the medical beauty mask is a mechanical word for the record, the ordinary mask is a cosmetic word for the record.

5, medical beauty mask is the food and drug equipment quality inspection, health standards more stringent.

6. The medical facial mask has better repairing effect to the wound with only one component, and its function is mainly moisturizing repairing. And ordinary mask can add some alcohol, fluorescent and other bad ingredients.

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