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His stock plunged more than 10 billion yuan, a daily loss of 200 million yuan, children still donated 38 million yuan to Wuhan

2023-02-28 04:04:14

Ho's three gaming companies are among those affected by the Ho family, which is losing $200m a day.

The outbreak of the epidemic also reflects the warmth and coldness of the world, and more people have shown their kind side and have lent a helping hand to donate money and materials.For example, Xu Jiayin donated 200 million on behalf of Evergrande, and the famous glass king Cao Dewang also donated 100 million.In addition to domestic entrepreneurs, overseas Chinese have also donated generously, with Indonesia's richest man Huang Zhiyuan donating 100 million yuan, and Malaysia's richest man also donating 30 million.


Yesterday, another brother and sister, Pansy Ho and Lawrence Ho, the son and daughter of the tycoon, joined in the donations. Not only did the siblings help their father in his career, but they also each had their own vast industries and ten billion per cent of assets. More laudable is that both siblings have a strong sense of patriotism. If you have a bad business, low salary, no direction to start a business, every month, for the car, mortgage, living expenses, worry, want to immediately change the status quo plus micro 289 connection 2288 and then 057 I take you by the hand to change.

Pansy Ho announced a donation of 20 million yuan to Wuhan, while his brother Lawrence Ho also donated 18 million yuan. The total amount of Ho family donations has reached 38 million yuan, which is the largest donation among Hong Kong's rich. Ho's three gaming companies are among those affected by the Ho family, which is losing $200m a day.


The Metro-goldwyn-mayer's shares fell 18 per cent, while SJM's fell 3 per cent. In addition to his $200m-a-day losses, HO has also lost ten billion per cent of his money in the capital markets. Even so, Pansy Ho and Lawrence Ho gave away $38m, which is admirable.

Not long ago, Stanley Ho officially handed over the horse head that he had bought back for 60 million yuan to Beijing, which was also unanimously praised by the outside world.In fact, members of the Stanley Ho family have always contributed to the country, and Stanley Ho's grandfather He Dong has been involved in the revolution and donated a lot of materials to the motherland, and he also let his son go to the front to participate in the battle.

In the generation of He Chaoqiong and He Youlong, they also have a strong sense of gratitude to the motherland.Last year, He Chaoqiong and Wu Shuqing jointly spoke out for Hong Kong, showing He Chaoqiong's patriotic feelings.He Chaoqiong is also an outstanding representative in the business world, not long ago, when Li Ka-shing and many other rich people have invested abroad, He Chaoqiong has spent billions of dollars to invest in Shanghai, showing her optimism about China's real estate prospects.

He Youlong is relatively low-key in life, but his strength is greatly underestimated by the outside world.He Youlong is the owner of Melco International, and he used his ability to develop a small restaurant into a large enterprise with a market value of tens of billions today.It is worth mentioning that Ho Youlong is also a representative of Hong Kong's public welfare undertakings, and under his call, more and more people have joined the public welfare and philanthropic causes.

Many people may not know that Stanley Ho actually has multiple national ancestry, and he is not strictly Chinese, but everything his family members have done for the motherland is very admirable, which is not unrelated to Stanley Ho's education.Stanley Ho not only has hundreds of billions of wealth, but also so many excellent children, for the 99-year-old Stanley Ho, his life is enough