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snowball fight

2023-02-28 04:04:09


Yesterday morning, Fang Xinyu's mother and Fang Xinyu herself came to my house as guests.I looked out the window and couldn't help but wow, the snow outside covered the earth with a snow-white carpet, dressed the trees in white, and put on handsome hats for the houses.It's amazing! I started nagging, "It's not fun to stay at home!" Might as well go out to a snowball fight."Suddenly everyone said, "We're not bored either, let's go to a snowball fight together."I jumped up with joy and said, "Well, that's great!" "My parents, aunts, and Fang Xinyu all got dressed and went downstairs.We started snowball fights, and my dad had the best snowball fights, and he kept throwing snowballs at my mother, and my mother was thrown all over her body, like a big snowman, and my mother had a lot of snow on her head and her ears were frozen red.I handed the tips to my mother and said, "Mom, your ears must be very cold, borrow me eartips.""Fang Xinyu's mother is videotaping, Fang Xinyu is preparing snowball ammunition, I went to help Fang Xinyu, the two of us got a lot of snowballs, dad picked up a snowball and hit her aunt's eyes, Fang Xinyu's mother was angry, took a lot of snow, threw it at dad's body, and I also threw snowballs at aunt.All of us threw snowballs around at each other.I handed them snowballs, and suddenly my father threw snowballs at me and Fang Xinyu, and I wanted to hide, but I just couldn't dodge.In the end, exhausted, we made a decision, let's go home and rest! Then I followed my aunt and Fang Xinyu to Fang Xinyu's house as a guest.I got into my aunt's car and thought how happy I was today!