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Lop Nor discovers the unsolved mystery that buried the mysterious Sun Tomb for 3,800 years

2023-02-28 04:04:04

The mysterious tomb of the sun has been found in Lop Nur for 3,800 years, according to archaeological finds.

Lop Nor has always been a mysterious no-man's land in the hearts of Chinese, where many strange events have been circulated.According to archaeological finds, this mysterious tomb of the Sun has been found in Lop Nur for 3800 years.But the purpose of the tomb of the sun is unclear.

The Mystery of the tomb of the Sun in Lop Nur

The Pisces jade pendant in Lop Nur is one of the 10 most unusual events in Lop Nur. Another mystery in Lop Nur is the discovery of the tomb of the Sun in the Peacock River region of Lop Nur. The mysterious solar tomb was discovered by archaeologists Hou can and Wang Binghua in the winter of 1979.

For a long time, there have been countless mysteries of Lop Nur, among which the Lop Nor Double Fish Yupei incident is one of the top ten supernatural events in China.As for the tomb of the sun found in the Peacock River area of Lop Nur, it has become another mystery about Lop Nur.This mysterious sun tomb was discovered in the winter of 1979 by archaeologists Hou Can and Wang Binghua.

经过仔细的观察与研究,人们发现,这座古老的太阳墓共有数十座,每座都是中间用一圆形木桩围成的死者墓穴,外面用一尺多高的木桩围成7个圆圈,并组成若干条射线,呈太阳放射光芒状。 经碳14测定,太阳墓已有3800年之久。

The surface of the tomb of the sun is strangely spectacular. Around the tomb were seven layers of thin, thick logs, one after the other. Pile from inside to outside, thick and orderly. Outside the circle, rows of trees radiate around it. They are not disorganized, nor are they spectacular. The whole shape is like the sun. It's easy to have all kinds of mysterious Lenovo.

The spread of the tomb of the Sun and the felling of many trees led to the unconscious burying of their homes in Loulan Kingdom. More than 10,000 logs have been made from the seven graves that have been found, an astonishing amount. For the past 2,000 years, the split between Lop Nur and Loulan Kingdom has been puzzling. A conclusion may be reached when the mystery of the tomb of the sun is solved.


This clearly shows that from the late Neolithic to the Bronze Age to the early Han Dynasty, Loulan is now a barren place, actually green, with 40% forest coverage.Perhaps the mystery of the Lop Nur civilization, the Loulan civilization and the tomb of the sun is the same.Those who go to Lop Nur and elsewhere to explore and explore are just looking for this answer...