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Heart is wide road, people stupid is a blessing!

2023-02-28 04:03:59

It is not the rich, the powerful and the famous who live easier than others, but the people who know how to play the Fool.




We can be a little more lenient, do not like things, blind. Sometimes, play dumb with relatives, the family will be more harmonious; sometimes, and friends play dumb, friendship will be more stable; sometimes, and lovers play dumb, love will be more long-term. In short, no matter what trouble encountered, don't embarrass yourself, no matter how bad things happen today, have to learn to be a bit more relaxed, learn to play dumb.

Being a person and learning to play the fool is the easiest way.As the saying goes: the heart is one inch wide, and the disease is retreated.Forgiveness is medicine, and when you forgive others, you open your heart.As soon as people are tolerant, qi will not be depressed, qi will not be depressed, blood will be smooth, and anger, resentment, and fear at this time will quietly slip away.