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I'm with the gathering story

2023-02-28 04:03:39

Since October 17th, I have shared a gathering in the circle of friends every day, and my husband must have seen it, but he did not express his opinion or raise any objection, which proves that my persistence has made gains and progress.

Dear Sycamore teacher, dear friends, Good evening! I am OU xiujuan from Chengdu, who is engaged in accounting. I am honored to be invited by manager fan. Tonight, I will simply share with you the story of me and the gathering.

Before sharing, I would like to be especially grateful to Indus teacher, he is not only my teacher, but also my life in the noble. Because of the teacher, I got together, because of the teacher, I walked into the happy village, because of the teacher, I harvest a healthy and beautiful!


Earlier this year, inadvertently heard in the Himalayan Indus Teacher's program, the teacher's voice as early as 2017 I have heard, very magnetic, was instantly attracted. Unfortunately, I did not know that the teacher is the host of the Himalayas, although a little lost in my heart, but also nothing.


From being attracted by the teacher's voice, to being attracted by the teacher's program, and through the program, I feel that the teacher is a very loving and selfless, very kind, very humble, and knowledgeable person, also from this teacher is very worship.

Knowing that the teacher is the anchor of the health program, of course, I think how good it would be if I could enter the teacher's health group, and I can learn more health knowledge from the teacher, but I just think about it in my heart, because I feel that this is impossible.

Then I remembered that one of the teachers in our health group had said that she had been to a class on ancient medicine. I asked her to listen to the private message Indus Teacher's class, she said not only heard but also the teacher's wechat.

So I asked her to push the teacher's WeChat business card to me, and I also added the teacher's WeChat with the attitude of trying, but I didn't expect to add it, and thus got acquainted with the teacher.


On April 7, I came across the teacher's post“Why did I choose to gather?” Written by the teacher in his circle of friends. Although I had heard about gathering from my colleagues in 2016, I had never learned about it.


But it is such a person who has never purchased online but chose to register as a member without hesitation, not that I understood the value of Yunji at the beginning, but because of the absolute trust and recognition of the teacher.

The teacher is low-key and cautious, and after studying for so long before officially starting to share the gathering, I have nothing to worry about.Registering as a member, spending 398 yuan, but at the same time getting a gift package worth 398 yuan and 40 cloud coins, which is equivalent to no investment, what can I lose? There is nothing to lose.

Even if he didn't have big gift bags and cloud currency rewards, and had a membership, he would only have a mobile phone supermarket. There would be discounts for shopping, and there would be benefits for sharing. That wouldn't be a loss.

Think about what 398 yuan can do, but a meal money, a dress money... But signing up for a cloud member, the return to us is far more than 398 yuan, is everyone right? Because you believe, you see.Follow the right people, do the right thing, and do more with less.

It is simply a very happy thing to register as a member, walk into the Happiness Village, wake up with joy every morning, and listen to the teacher's morning class on time.There are many friends who are also puzzled, thinking that if I get up so early every day and don't get enough sleep, this will be a great harm to my body.I also just smiled slightly, without explaining, only those who are in it can feel this happiness and joy!

From April 8 into the happy life speech training camp, to June 1 officially changed to Happy Village. During this period, although he is a member of the gathering, but never thought to share the gathering. Invite friends to register for the gathering of members, but also just to continue to listen to the teacher's class, because I like the teacher's class too much, do not want to miss.

Just when the teacher changed the happy life speech training camp into happy village, I suddenly seem to be enlightened and have a different understanding of the gathering. Gathering is a shopping platform, invite gathering members, not only can continue to listen to the teacher's class, but also can buy to save money, share to make money, I think it is a pretty good thing.


When I understood this, I began to take the initiative to understand Yunji, and I gradually liked Yunji, and I also had my own ideas and goals for Yunji.

When the teacher said on June 8th that there was a dark horse quota, I immediately signed up to apply to be a dark horse.On the weekend of June 8-9, the task of inviting six people in the first week was completed in two days, the task of inviting six people in the second week was completed in half a day on June 10, the task of inviting six people in the third week was completed in half a day on June 17, and the task of inviting six people in the fourth week was completed in the morning of June 24.Therefore, I accidentally won the first place in one of the dark horses, and was invited by Manager Fan to do my first gathering and sharing in the community.

Since June, I have started to really share Yunji and share Yunji with friends.But the problem came, my husband saw me sharing in the circle of friends, and immediately objected, feeling that I was brainwashed again and doing something unreliable.

Of course, I am not easy to make a decision, once the decision, will not give up easily. As the original share 159, a twists and turns, from active to passive, and through their own persistence and efforts, from passive to active.

So I was not surprised by the objection of the gentleman, but I was used to it.But for the sake of family harmony, I can't go my own way.Therefore, I deliberately set it up, as long as the circle of friends involves the sharing of the crowd, I set it to not let Mr. see.

Moments can be set, but sharing is essential.The problem is again, receiving express delivery has become a big trouble, and things always have to be taken home.Whenever my husband saw me receiving couriers, he would nag me and say that I was spending money indiscriminately, and I could only choose to be silent and not make any defense.If explained, not only will it not solve the problem, it will only make the problem more.

The teacher also said in class, smile to solve the problem, silence to avoid the problem, when the problem can not be solved, to avoid the problem first. But a lot of things are easy to say to do is not easy, I often feel depressed depressed, feel to do anything is a lot of resistance, very difficult. And his decision is the right thing, do not want to give up easily, so in this contradiction struggling forward.


So in the days that followed, he acted as an "underground worker".Sending moments becomes sneaky, and receiving couriers becomes sneaky.Go to work every day and go out early and return late, only the time of morning and night is truly your own.I want to use the limited time at night to share the gathering with friends, but I can't share it by voice, I can only do it through text, which greatly reduces the efficiency of communication, and often makes me feel helpless.

Every day to and from work, in addition to their own backpack, I also have a standard, that is a handbag. When there is no express delivery, I will put an umbrella, put some miscellaneous things. When I pick up a few packages at a time, I open the package downstairs in my neighborhood and put in whatever I can fit into my handbag or backpack, so it doesn't stand out. Really can not put in, let Sir See, was nagging also temporarily endure. Temporary grievance and forbearance, but also in order to allow themselves to think that the right thing to stick to it.

In July, the teacher asked us to set ourselves when we would achieve the goal of the account manager, I remember that I initially set myself a target of the end of October, and then I thought it was difficult, and then set myself the end of the year.

Until September 21, I attended the health salon in Chengdu, met the teachers and partners of Happiness Village, and also received encouragement from teachers and partners.After returning home from Chengdu, I reorganized my thoughts and decided to reschedule the goal of achieving the account manager back to the end of October.At that time, there were still about twenty places left, and the difficulty was not small in about a month.But I just wanted to push myself and let myself break through.

When you give yourself a will to achieve the goal of such a reading, the next time is to rise to the challenge, go all out.

During that time, except for the eight hours of work, all I thought about was invited members, and even dreamed of invited members at night.Every day, I also share the gathering with friends, whether it is on the bus or on the brisk road, the time that can be used is used, because it is more inconvenient to share the gathering at home.

In the process of sharing and inviting members, there will be all kinds of situations, such as rejection, questioning, ignoring, or even the other party's dislike, etc. . At the beginning of the gathering of sharing, to be honest, the heart will be lost. But under the constant guidance and encouragement of teachers, teachers will also teach us the magic weapon really in real life to practice, constantly learn to change your mind, the heart is a lot more bright.

Strive to share Yunji, so that more destined people understand the value of Yunji, the original intention is also to help friends better save money, so in the process of later invitations, whether friends refuse or accept, it will not make me happy or disappointed.The mentality is also getting more and more peaceful, friends accept, and I am happy for my friends.My friend refused, and I thought it was fate.This way the invitation process will be much smoother and happier.




Last weekend, there was an elder who was 70 years old, and relatives came to the house, and they saw that the rags I bought from Yunji were very good, and the towels were also good, and I asked them to take them.Mr. is still next to him and said, when you gather and become bigger, one day change the family house to a big one, by the way, fire the boss, and concentrate on doing Yunji.

What difference does it make if sir mocks me, jokes me, or attacks me in a disguised way? If I can't take a hit, I won't stick to it.

He now works in Chengdu and only returns home on weekends.Every Thursday, cars are restricted, leaving early in the morning and leaving work a little later than usual in the evening, so avoid the restricted time.

When he got home this weekend, he said he would buy some instant noodles to put in the office and eat them after work on Thursday. I hurried to say that I had bought Kuan Hong Oil dough, kuan sour chili powder, beef jerky, nuts, and internet celebrity cookies from Yunji.

Although he has not said anything against it now, he has not said anything supportive.I originally thought that he would not ask for it, but I accepted it all, is this considered a default? Does that count me as taking it a step further?


Nothing in the world happens by chance, everything must happen for a reason, this is the most fundamental law of the universe.The fate of man certainly follows this law.A person's beliefs are very important, without faith, your life is very confused, and your life is easy to get lost, whether at work or in life.

Sharing gathers, no resources, no relationships, all we have is to believe in the future, believe in a dream.To do things, we must identify a direction, strengthen a belief, refine a spirit, gather a force, and complete a mission.We must lay a foundation, practice internal skills, and not rush to achieve quick results.

Courage is to help you get started, persistence is to keep you going and leading to success.Without a start, no matter how many thoughts you have, you will always just stay in a waiting state, and too many people in life will stay in this state.Only courage and persistence can make you truly successful and wait until success.There is a kind of happiness through your own persistence and hard work, and then becoming what you want to be!

The person who has the most influence on your life is yourself.The person who decides whether you are happy or unhappy is also yourself.Nothing can make you happy without your permission.Nothing can make you unhappy without your permission.No matter what the situation, remember to tell yourself: no matter what you do, please be more patient, learn to persevere, and at the same time start from a little thing, and carve courage and tenacity into your bones! Do it with heart, losing and winning are wonderful!

This concludes my sharing tonight, and I am very grateful to Mr. Wutong for his wisdom and guidance! Thank you Manager Fan for your invitation! Thank you to all the friends who have given me care, help, trust and support along the way! Thank you for listening! Be thankful for all encounters in life!

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