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Snowball fights

2023-02-28 04:03:34

The snow on the Fenhe River is white, and the heart is open, just like seeing the sea, the vast natural landscape will make a person's heart open.

10/31: Going to a snowball fight today.The snow fell yesterday, almost all morning, and it fell quite thickly.The snow came a little less, and it took the fifteenth day of the first month to fall for the second time of winter.When it snowed, I took it for granted to curl up at home, but in the afternoon, I still stepped on the snow to walk in Fenhe Park.Stepping on the snow, crunching, childhood is born farther north, life, every winter, the snow does not melt.This crunching sensation is all too familiar.

I was alone in the park, because it was far away from the city. The snow was unspoiled, and everywhere was flat and pristine.

Got a snowball, hit a tree. Throw a ball on the snow in the lake.

Playing in the snow is not a matter of one's own, Whim, the next afternoon is a book club, a little early to organize everyone to go to the nearby Fen River Park Snowball fight how?

The thought of this made me excited.I would like to thank someone, a visitor of mine and a book friend, who once told me about taking her two daughters outside in the rain to learn how Peppa Pig dived in a puddle.

Very touched, there is such a mother, did not let the child behave because she was worried that the child would stain his clothes.But he took the initiative to accompany the child to experience the feeling of treading water.

We feel that now and nature close to the opportunity, and a variety of experiences too little. At that time said, the next time it snows we go to have a snowball fight.

She said why wait until it snowed? We can go out at any time, ah, play rain, flowers open flowers, you can experience at any time Ah, no need to wait. Oh, there's really no need to wait to experience it.

So this afternoon, I organized everyone to play in the snow.

At 3 P. M. , the sky was clear, the sun was shining, and the snow was a little harsh. Fen River's snow-covered, open-minded, as if to see the sea as the vast landscape of nature, let a person's mind open. And in a forced turn of the building, the heart will become more and more narrow.

When everyone was together, they started to have a snowball fight. When the snow reached a state where it was about to melt, it was especially easy to hold it tightly. This kind of snowball hurt a lot when it hit a person's body, so they gently held it up and lifted it up into the sky like a flower from heaven, some snow fell on people's heads, some fell on their faces, some into their necks, everyone screaming, laughing, a group of adults forced into a child.

There are too few opportunities for this kind of laughing, wanton, grinning experience.

After the rain when we play rain, snow when we play snow, is about to come in spring, we will step on the spring, flowers open when flowers, fruit when picking... ... To open up your mind in nature and revive your senses.

In nature, I feel that my voice has increased some confidence, and my core self has become more and more stable. I used to hesitate when I spoke, worried that the other party would find me boring and boring, but now I feel very interesting and enjoy it. Others will be infected.

The so-called move toward maturity, is to rely on awareness. Practice in relationships, then be aware of them, and then solidify the foundation of your personality. There are no shortcuts.

Visiting my parents along the way, I was rejuvenated.The previous fears seemed superfluous.My tenacious parents, parents who grew up through difficult years and difficult years, are so resilient.I thought too much about it, and I could travel after the rain and snow.