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The company is not soft-handed, we do not have to be kind

2023-02-28 04:03:24

According to the experts' recommendations, he negotiated with the company with several other colleagues who had been departed, and they also divided up the work and collected a lot of evidence, including the recording of the negotiation with HR.

Article/Fok Fai

First, the company is not your home, the workplace is so cruel

Recently, an article in the

When BlueFocus implemented the layoff plan, it not only did not pay compensation to the laid-off employees, but threatened to fire the employees in violation of discipline, hoping that the employees would voluntarily leave.

After seeing this 10W article, BlueFocus quickly communicated with the author, and then the author deleted the article and issued an apology statement, but the result was still the company's gratuitous expulsion.

Finally, the author Intolerance that the company is deliberately tarnishing its image and will apply for labor arbitration to defend its rights.

The blue cursor is not the first or the last workplace bully.


Remember that girl who got kicked out of Deloitte last year for cancer?

Another employee said: "

The company has more means: overtime does not pay overtime, the company does not pay five insurances and one housing fund, does not sign labor contracts with employees, does not renew the contract when it expires, and is dismissed by the company if she is pregnant...

This is not the first time such a thing has not been the first and will not be the last.

The workplace is so cruel.

The company is not your home, the boss is not your mother, and when they bully you, they never say sorry.

Second, the workplace protection of Rights, vulnerable groups can also issue the strongest voice

In the past, in the workplace, employees were unpaid wages, violently laid off, forced to leave by office politics, and most people chose to swallow their anger.

Employees are always vulnerable to the company.

In the past, using weak individual power to fight companies was tantamount to hitting a stone with a pebble, so most people accepted unfair treatment, and few people really stood up for themselves.

But now the times have changed, the new media era, everyone is a news communicator, again small individual, also have their own voice.

On the Internet, every account is a little media.

Ordinary grassroots can also post, turn micro-blog, comment on the news... ... You can have your own opinions, attitudes.

So more and more people face corporate bullying, break the silence, and dare to speak out.

This kind of self-media, self-small media, with the efforts of nearly 500 million netizens, 300 million Weibo, and 20 million public accounts, has radiated great energy.

The company no longer has an absolute say.


In just a few days, easily 10W , millions of views on the whole network, countless likes and reprints, this kind of communication effect, I am afraid that even the country's best-selling newspaper is difficult to compare.

The unspoken rules of the workplace are like this:

If you don't make trouble, the company won't pay attention to you at all;

If you make a fuss, public opinion storm is not enough, the company will not take your complaint, the final may not be;

Only the bigger you make, spread more widely, outside pressure and blame more, the company will pay more attention.

Coincidentally, on the first day of the New Year in 2018, Female Doctor Rosie sent out an article via wechat public account, chen Xiaowu, a professor at Beihang University in Beijing and a scholar on the Yangtze River who was her phd supervisor 12 years ago, was accused by her real name of sexually harassing her and six other female students, several pieces of evidence were subsequently published on the Internet.


On the evening of January 11,2018, Beihang issued a notice on the handling of the matter, saying that it had found out that Chen Xiaowu had sexually harassed students, and decided to remove Chen Xiaowu from his post as executive vice president of the graduate school, cancels its graduate student tutor qualification, revokes its teacher post, cancels its teacher qualification.

Network for the ordinary grass-roots voice of weak voice to provide a voice, the power of the network, let the weak voice into the strongest voice, but also for the workplace rights to bring positive energy.

In the age of new media, we are getting closer and closer to the truth.

Third, the workplace is the battlefield, either endure, or war


When he worked in product development and design, he was a core figure in the company. The company forced him to sign a 10-year employment contract, pay 4,000 yuan a year for breach of contract, and so on.

At that time, he was too young and inexperienced to protect his rights. He hesitated for a moment and signed.

Later, he was admitted to graduate school, to leave the company to study, had to pay a huge penalty.

No way, if you don't pay liquidated damages, you can't get your personal file, and if you don't have a file, you can't go to school.

People under the eaves have to bow their heads.

After eating a lot, growing a wisdom, you finally understand that your soft heart for the rogue company will become a sharp blade that it stabs at you.

When you unfortunately encounter these junk companies, do not with their general knowledge, recognize the error, it is necessary to cut losses.

Abandonment is the first thing to do, and staying away from it as soon as possible is the wisest choice.

Sometimes, endure, is also a kind of wisdom, you were bitten by a mad dog, do you still want to bite back?

Before you make a choice, think about what's important to you. Accept all the injustices with equanimity. There's no need to hold a grudge, because you have more important things to do.

The workplace is a battlefield, endure or fight.

I have a friend, because the company downsized, the original department was cut, so he was thrown out, the same company did not give him any compensation.

A friend Intolerance, he chose to stand up for himself and go to war with the company.

Fight, not unprepared.

Friends are very intentional, on the one hand, they find and learn labor law knowledge on the Internet, and understand their rights; On the other hand, consult friends, former colleagues, HR experts.

According to the experts' recommendations, he negotiated with the company with several other colleagues who had been departed, and they also divided up the work and collected a lot of evidence, including the recording of the negotiation with HR.

But in this way, the company's strength and scoundrels made this negotiation fruitless.


As a result, of course, the company lost the case, and they got no small amount of compensation.

These garbage companies are bullying soft and afraid of hard, the more you tolerate, the more it bullies you, and when you get hard, it will bow for you.

Fourth, whose workplace is not aggrieved? You have to learn to protect yourself

People in the workplace, there is no word "easy", whose workplace is not aggrieved?

In the face of the company's bullying of the small, you must learn to protect yourself.

Being bullied by the company, you first have to stay calm.

No need to blame yourself, be ashamed, or be angry.


Impulse is the devil, don't be angry and expand this matter infinitely through self-media and make it known to the world.

In addition, to backup the company's computer, email, OA-related files, because I do not know how long, your computer, email account, office access will be locked.

At the same time, pay attention to collecting evidence, including various important audio recordings and chat records.

When the company wants to tear you apart, these are your testimony to protect yourself.

If communication and consultation with the company can not be resolved, on the premise of conclusive evidence, you can directly apply for labor arbitration.

Equally fair result, no one asked you to swallow your pride, you do not have to face off with the company, let bystanders know.

Tearing up is a last resort.

Treat those rogue companies, it is not humane, you do not have justice.

Once a complete break with the company, do not think about redeeming, there is no turning back.

Don't be like the employee who was fired by the blue label, who was fooled by the company and immediately deleted and apologized.

Your compromise gives the other party the opportunity to attack you.


People in the workplace, did not meet the scum of the company is not enough to talk about the workplace, met nothing to fear, they are not soft-handed, you why be kind?

Finally, I wish you all a bright future,

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