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Zhang Xiaoping "is nothing more than a catharsis for the employees of state-owned enterprises."

2023-02-28 04:03:19

"Is Zhang Xiaoping an ordinary researcher? The researcher is Zhenggao equivalent to the professor's WeChat article said that Zhang Xiaoping is just a researcher, the title is deputy chief designer, which is the bottom of the entire aerospace 601 institute, because the entire aerospace 601 institute, 70% of the people are deputy chief designers.


On September 27, an article titled“Those who leave their jobs and directly affect China's moon landing are only worthy of staying at the bottom of the state-owned enterprises” flooded friends' circles, pointing to the talent mechanism and inefficiency of research institutes and state-owned enterprises. A reporter from the Hsinking daily found out that the main character in the article, Zhang Xiaoping, is indeed a real person. He resigned from the Xi'an Aerospace Power Research Institute earlier this year, but several space system researchers told the Beijing News reporter that, “It's an exaggeration and a lot of details are wrong, but you can't deny that there is a problem.”

In the text, "Aerospace 601" is "Eleven Aerospace Academies"

In September 2018, a document bearing the official seal of the Xi'an Aerospace Dynamics Institute (Xi'an Aerospace Institute 601) , “Zhang Xiaoping participated in the research and development of the model of our institute,” circulated. The main contents of the document are as follows: Zhang Xiaoping, male, researcher, as the main member of the project, Xi'an Aerospace Power Research Institute participated in the development and research of 120 tons of liquid oxygen kerosene engine, 480 tons of liquid oxygen kerosene engine, 8 tons of variable-thrust liquid oxygen kerosene engine, 10 tons of liquid oxygen methane engine and 100 tons of liquid oxygen methane engine, long-term responsible for cryogenic engine design research and technical gatekeeper, left the post of Deputy Director of cryogenic engine designer.

Zhang Xiaoping did resign at the beginning of this year, but the reasons for his resignation are unclear.An insider told the Beijing News reporter that he had not heard of the 601 Institute of Aerospace, but the Xi'an Aerospace Power Research Institute belongs to the Sixth Academy of Aerospace, and the internal name is "the eleventh of the sixth academy", and no one inside the sixth institute has heard of the 601 Institute.”


The WeChat article said that Zhang Xiaoping is only a researcher, and his title is deputy chief designer, which is the bottom of the entire aerospace 601 institute, because 70% of the entire aerospace 601 institute is deputy chief designer.

“It's impossible to have 70% . 7% is more like it.” A space system researcher revealed that the position of deputy chief designer was reserved for the entire department. The percentage was very low, “Moreover, Zhang Xiaoping is already a researcher. Researchers can not comment on scientific research units like this. They have high requirements for articles, and there is a certain rate of attrition.”

The researcher explained that the researcher is a professor, and the associate researcher is also an associate professor, and the proportion of deputy chief designers is not that high, chief, Deputy Chief, chief designer, deputy chief designer is about 10% of all research and development team

Therefore, researcher Zhang Xiaoping is not a small researcher in charge of key technical positions as mentioned in the WeChat article, but a high-level researcher.The researcher analyzed, "Zhang Xiaoping's departure will affect China's moon landing, which is too exaggerated, and it can only be said that the work he was responsible for before is very important."”

In interviews, some researchers said, “This also reflects the shortcomings of traditional research institutes. When subordinates work, the leaders take the credit. When they leave the subordinates working, the leaders don't know what to do.”

和张小平同级别的研究员 税后约20万并非12万

The WeChat public account article disclosed that Zhang Xiaoping earned about 120,000 yuan a year in 601 institutions, while Blue Arrow directly opened a million annual salary to recruit people.

A space science researcher told the Beijing News that, “Even if the paperwork were true and Zhang Xiaoping had been called back, it would not have been an income like this. But the Zhang Xiaoping-level researchers, who are more than 120,000, come down to about 250,000 before tax and about 200,000 after tax, which is not as high as the market-oriented companies, but a little higher than the revenue level in the story.”

The Hsinking News learned that the Xi'an Aerospace Power Research Center, where Zhang Xiaoping had previously worked, was already a high-paying research institute within the Sixth Academy of Aerospace Sciences.

Today's circle of friends hot article "Resignation can directly affect China's moon landing talents, only worthy to stay at the bottom of state-owned enterprises" was shocked by 100,000 views, more than 80,000 likes, and countless comments.The original article has been deleted, and the above is a follow-up reporter's follow-up report.

The truth is not what everyone really cares about, what is important is the title paragraph, China's state-owned enterprises do not hesitate to be talented, can influence the people who landed on the moon are still at the bottom, and then trigger criticism of China's state-owned enterprise system.


Taken from a passage inside the Flying Madhouse

Zhang Xiaoping's article actually brings a belated heroism from the depths, and talking about heroism in state-owned enterprises is looking for death, and with Zhang Xiaoping, you can talk about it in the comment area.Some people say that the United States has always advocated heroism, but in fact, Chinese society is what it really needs, and they need a voice.So once there is a "Zhang Xiaoping", "you will hear the voices of all sides.


The commonality of state-owned enterprises is that they rely on the national system and rely on national resources to promote production and business, so even if the car of state-owned enterprises is driving leisurely, there is no need to worry.As an employee of a state-owned enterprise, don't be too idealistic, individualistic, and conform to formalism, bureaucracy can be a good employee.

From an interview with Guo Degang:


So you can never hear criticism inside state-owned enterprises.