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All winter will pass and all spring will come

2023-02-28 04:03:14

      May our eyes and hearts be like this spring rain: bright as new, and life renewed.

Spring has come, and the wind has already blown over my face, it is a gentle spring breeze.When the season begins with a lot of rain, may our eyes and hearts be as bright as spring rain.

Time like the breeze over the wheat field, it seems that in addition to the grass secretly growing, what traces are not left. After the beginning of spring, the Earth awakens, the river thaws, and the herbs nourish it. On the growth of the spring news, a day of abundance.


Spring brings a lot of wind, there are flowers smell more memories, across the mountains and rivers, across the high-rise buildings, straight to my life, and then from head to foot like a heavy rain poured down. I was wet and cold into the bones and heart, many feelings linked together, people have become a group of wind, wrapped in the original hover, day and night, not quiet.

A rain to garden and grass to soak out different green, grass just tufted new leaves covered in the original grass, Green Pleasant. Spring rain embellish such as crisp, the trees, grass, shrubs and trees, in the rain soaked out different levels of green. Moisten People's eyes, eyes clear people's heart also clear.

Like rain, especially such as light rain, it seems that only such a spring is spring. Ever had a cup of Siddharma in the cafe of You Meiduo, said at that time: like the spring rain fell on the wheat field, silky sweet, but also with the fragrance of the field. The wind blows, the rain flutters, the cool breeze blows over the face, everything is fresh and transparent.